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2,641.2 miles down, thousands and thousands more to go!!

Most of those miles were in TX, but plenty were in MA, the most exotic were in Ecuador, and 1 was in the Miami international airport.

For two years now, I’ve run at least a mile a day (3.62 avg) every single day. I’ve been 100% healthy each of those 730 days - no coughs, sniffles, fevers ever while running (#plantbased #essentialoils). My streak will end when i die, so, i suppose I’ll be healthy everyday for the rest of my life 🙂

I ran soul-satisfying miles with Jen Weir. Many of my fastest miles were with Zion Weir. I completed miles with all five of my kids, and a couple of really fun miles with my nephew Sam Martin - a runner i highly respect.

My favorite running tribe was our homeschool running club, where i had the opportunity to be inspired by Joanna Demers, Tessa Evans Timberlake, Michelle Waldon Powell, and Jolin Garrett Housewright - those women have tenacity!

With the Frisco Running Club and the Craig Ranch Running Club i had the pleasure of some speedy miles in the company of Hamlin Jones, Niles Austin Hill, Rick Johnson, Kevin Newton, and my fellow plant based runner, Chris Ottinger (wish i would have met you sooner, sir!) and many many others.

Some of my most memorable trail running miles were with the YL Ragnar team - there were 24 of us, and the ones i know for sure that i ran with were Jay Pointer, Jonathan Webb, Chuck Baker, Jeremy Tallo, Jim Goodyear, and Booker Edwards (if you want some inspiration to run ask him about his mailbox to mailbox training plan - fantastic stuff). If we ran together at Ragnar and i didn’t tag you please chime in 🙂

Other friends i ran with and hope to run with more are Cory Brinkman, Derrek Housewright, Terry Watson, Douglas Rice, and Dean A. Bates.

Ultimately i want to run with everyone, but some runners i know of that i have not had the opportunity to run with but would love to run with are Pam Weir Martin, Scott Weir, Cathryn Collier-Weir, Paul DeHaven, and Rich Roll.

If you’re curious, my best times are;

1 mile - 7:21

5k - 23:58

10k - 51:38

Half marathon - 2:10:51

Come run on the beach with me!!!


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