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Lemongrass Essential Oil

Cleansing, Supporting and Uplifting

The benefits of lemongrass include known factors such as supporting healthy joints and repelling those outdoor annoyances.

This oil also has an interesting aromatic affect on the mind. Its pungent and earthy aroma heightens mental awareness, and purifies the mind.

And here's the best part

  • Lemongrass releases resentment, regret from the “should of” statements and pessimism by transforming these negative energies into positive energies. It allows the left brain to see options, so once the negative energies are released, optimism, courage and hope prevails.

  • Lemongrass also protects our bio-field from electromagnetic energy (TV, computers, radio). So it would be a good one to wear at the airport, or anywhere really when are bodies are bombarded with these energies.

A little essential oil trivia;

Did you know that lemongrass essential oil contains 67% aldehydes? Aldehydes give oils some of the best fragrances known to the perfume and cologne industry. Chanel No 5 is a blend of synthetically made aldehydes. And Citronella and Palmarosa are also in the same family as lemongrass? While they have different therapeutic purposes, they do share some plant properties.

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