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K&B Tincture

for Kidney & Bladder

Home remedies- my favorite phrase because it means I do not have to wait in a cold sterile office, with people who are equally disappointed to be in the same predicament. When I see something touted as a "home remedy", whether I actually need it or not, it does cause me to pause and wonder if perhaps it's a future need?

Such is the case with K&B. Because of previous battles with worry and fear, I have had a need for all matter of bladder support. My husband is now in the kidney support need. Emotional struggles will take out your organs if you do not deal with them, make no mistake.

When I say I prayed for K&B to come back in stock, you all know by now I'm not joking. In fact, should you need something prayed for, please reach out.

If you have been following along with our kidney talk, you'll be keenly aware of how important this tincture is for overall kidney health. Whether in preventative mode or healing mode, K&B is one we all need in our health and wellness cabinet.



Juniper is one of the best plants to naturally maintain healthy fluid balance. This tincture combines juniper extract and juniper essential oil with other herbs and oils.

You'll want to take K and B Tincture Kidney Bladder Supplement with Life 9 Probiotics to balance the urinary and digestive systems.

This tincture is also safe for animal usage and works especially well for cats.

Extracts of:

Juniper berry

Parsley leaf

Uva ursi leaf- supports both urinary and digestive system health

Dandelion root- supports healthy liver, digestion and fights inflammation

Royal Jelly- rich in amino acids, minerals and vitamins B6 and B5

Essential Oils of:

  • Juniper Essential Oil

  • German Chamomile Vitality Essential Oil

  • Fennel Vitality Essential Oil

  • Geranium Essential Oil

  • Sage Vitality Essential Oil

  • Clove Vitality Essential Oil

  • Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Remember, K&B tincture is meant to be used in order to promote healthy kidney and bladder function and health; support healthy urinary tract, and maintain healthy fluid balance. In other words, if one of those three are not in proper working order, K&B will right the seeming wrongs.


Take 3 half droppers (3ml) three times daily in distilled water, or as needed. Shake well before using. Keep in refrigerator once opened. You'll want to be diligent with this one to see significant progress. I strongly recommend you enjoy NingXia Red in combination with this tincture and then take Detoxzyme enzymes supplement to support the body detoxification process.

At this time you must be a member with Young Living to purchase K&B. To become a Young Living member and enjoy the benefits of all the products at a reduced rate, start here.

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