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June Gifts

Products created for purpose, gifted to you this month as a thank you with your Loyalty Order.

In every company that sells anything online, there is always a gift with purchase, a purchase with a purchase option- something to offer as a way of say, "thank you for choosing us." While this has been going on for decades, few companies have the foresight as Young Living as to give you what you actually will need during the time of purchase or in the near future.

This month's gifts with purchase are a perfect example of just that. Look at the line up!

KidsScents Owie oil blend, Citrus Fresh, Stress Away, Citronella, Travel Diffuser, and of course a supplement and first aid kit addition. All gifts for simply purchasing what you would likely already need, but choose rather to do so from a small business distributor, such as myself or someone you know.

Enjoy this month's write up on each of these gifts.

All the best,



the one about KidScents Owie...

Owie oil has been a lovely addition for me. Having 5 children and a few pups, this essential oil blend has come in handy more than I could have ever imagined. And now that Summer is upon us, there may be a rogue bump or scrape along the way through the warmer outdoor bidding months to come.

One of the best things about this oil as oppose to some like say Helichrysum or Lavender is that Owie, and really, all KidScents blends have a bit of carrier oil in them in order to care for more sensitive kiddos, and adults. One of my adult children has the most tender skin so this line is a blessing to her.

In addition to the obvious use for the physical, Owie is especially wonderful for the emotions of the wounded. Diffusing this by the injured party quells any amount of trauma that could have occurred in the process of being injured. Or, simply add a drop of Owie to palms, cup the hands over the nose with a few deep inhales, breathe in the emotional releasing combo of this oil.

What's in it?

Balsam Fir, Tea Tree, and Clove single oils make up the stunning aroma of this one. Feel free to search this group for more on these singles above.

Oh, and it's a gift to us this month with purchases of 190 pv or more.


the one about Stress Away...

A beloved oil blend that frankly, I cannot come up with anything clever, ground breaking or new & profound. However, perhaps you could use a reminder that stress releases a hormone called coritsol. Cortisol, while beneficial for running away when in extreme danger, it is not in fact helpful for people who are just stressed to the max. At that point you might call this hormone the impending disease attracting hormone. And perhaps you need another reminder to have this oil blend in your pocket, purse, backpack, fanny pack, swim bag, gym bag, glove compartment and/or tape it to your face for such a time as when you feel a wee bit of stress rising to the surface of those adrenal glands.

Also, I can now attest to extra stress makes you, well, a little bit (lotta bit) plump. I will share more on that one at a later time.


If you love Stress Away oil then you will love this decadent, edible, sweet chocolate treat!


12 oz. dark chocolate chips

1 Tbsp organic coconut oil

6-10 drops Stress Away essential oil

Your choice of optional add-in ingredients such as dried cranberries, nuts, candied ginger, shredded coconut, etc.


Melt chocolate and coconut oil slowly in double boiler or in microwave in multiple 30 second intervals. Stir well to combine. Add 6-10 drops Stress Away essential oil and any additional ingredients of your choosing. (I added slivered almonds to mine.) Spread mixture evenly into large baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Cool in fridge or freezer until solid. Break into chunks and serve or keep in purse in case of stressful emergencies.


the one about Citrus Fresh...

Let's see, I cannot decide if Citrus Fresh is overly discussed or rarely. I feel like in my house it's always diffusing, I'm always using it in my drinks but as far as sharing about this lovely, not so much.

No matter. We're here now right?

Citrus Fresh freshens (no duh of the century given the name and all) air from environmental impurities. Ok, pause here and think about the last 27 months.

Just as we were creating an impact with non toxic products, room fresheners no candles etc, the whole world decided to forgo all of that and douse a huge helping of toxins and chemicals all over us once again.

sigh... back to work I suppose...

With that in mind, if you are back at the office, that space has been loaded with toxins once again and sadly, so have the lungs. But there's hope and help!

You don't need to make a big show of it, just open your bottle of Citrus Fresh and leave in on the counter. Surely no one would baulk at the cirtus-y aroma wafting through the halls for a moment. Crack it open for about 10 minutes every hour or so and your space will once again become the toxin free zone you once enjoyed. Dab a little around your nose with a little Animal Scents or Rose Ointment for walking through the market to keep you healthy and strong and prevent toxins from flying up your nostrils.

The oils in Citrus Fresh act as natural sedatives (the Tangerine, Mandarin and Orange,) they also may remove toxins from the blood( again, detoxing at its finest) and possibly also heal or repair cell damage, and soothe inflammation. All of these can occur from over exposure to toxins or extended periods of stress.


the one about Citronella...

I hear quite often this complaint, "ugh, YL is gifting us Citronella AGAIN!". As if it's a bad thing to receive any free oil. But whatever. It's like when my kids complain about me cooking for them yet again and we don't get take out. I'm like, umm, do you realize how rare this is for a parent to cook 7 mights a week for their kids?

I digress. I understand the desire to receive new and exciting never before tried oils as a gift with purchase. However, as a recent widow shaved down to one income in an alarming unexpected twist, I appreciate receiving a much and often needed like Citronella. I use Citronella even in the Winter months. One time this Winter there was a foul smell in the pantry, I think someone brought home everything bagelsand so I open a bottle of Citronella and just left it in there allowing hte molecules to diffuse over time. Smell gone.

The benefits of Citronella reach far beyond a non toxic bug repellant. FAR BEYOND.

For example- in a PubMed article it says a little diddy on Pulmonary Fibrosis. Pulmonary fibrosis is a lung disease in which the lungs become scarred over time leading to shortness of breath and dry cough. Researchers evaluated the affects of citronella essential oil in a preclinical model of pulmonary fibrosis. Oral administration of the oil (remember this is an offical doctor foxtrot delta alpha approved article) significantly reduced lung inflammation, oxidative stress, and lung tissue scarring. The researchers concluded that the results suggest citronella essential oil “is a potential candidate to be used as a phytotherapeutic in further clinical trials for the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis.”

Article here-

Remember how two years ago up til now folks have gotten a respiratory condition? Yea so perhaps we could use a little more Citronella, eh?

On the emotion side of the coin, Citronella helps with sadness, anxiety, and anger. Funny. Those emotions can get stuck in the lungs. Interesting little coincidence...

These are just a few of the negative emotions this oil will clear. If the aroma isn't your favorite, pair it with Peppermint or Eucalyptus. This will allow your senses to get use to it and eventually enjoy the scent on its own.


the one about Lavaderm

I'm going to be super honest with you all, would you expect anything less?

The fact that this says for after sun is truly one of the worst ways to use this spray. Sorry, hate to be that guy, but it's true. We lived at the beach for three years and had our share of fun in the sun on all levels. This wasn't a delight to spray on post sun fun. I thought it would be like the Lavaderm cooling mist, I was terribly wrong. That is great and we all need about 5 bottles stored in the fridge for anything Summer related.

Now, perhaps you have a different experience, and I am so happy for you if you do. However, I was shocked and my kids were mad, lol, when I sprayed it on thinking it was the same ol' Lavaderm when in fact, it was altogether not.

This is a FABULOUS anti itch, bug bite soother spray though!! Man, I do love this one for that. The label says for pain relief associated with minor burns, sunburns, (nope, and nope), scrapes, (all the yes) insect bites (heck yeah!), & minor skin irritations, (absolutely!!).

Since this is a gift for us who purchase 400pv or more, I would welcome this into my home and have in my first aid kit. I would just be aware of things to use it on, and things to not use it on. You know?


the one about Super Vitamin D...

Let me be perfectly clear- I may not be the best promoter of this vitamin because I am incredibly biased. I don't take pills well, not even a tiny bit. So if there is something I can drink, chew or inject into my veins, (in Ecuador you can do that with stuff we sell ) then I am 100% sold, no matter what. Having said that, Super D is a pretty fabulous little supplememt. Given the fact that most cancers are in part a result of a gross lack of Vitamin D, and toxic emotions, I should think we'd get on the ball and take our Vit D. Young Living makes it easy with these dissolving tablets. Two of these daily gives an adequate amount of the vitamin D we need. Summer is preparation time- prepare for the Fall and Winter months in a number of ways. One in particular being in your health and wellness. How like our company to give us something for a head start. Sort of like, "hey everyone, your immune system will get hit hard come October- beef it up now while it's easy. Oh and here, start with this!" Also, I think it is hilarious, in an ironic sort of way, that Super Vitamin D was first launched Summer of 2020... I feel like it's not hard ot stay healthy, but who am I to say.


the one about the travel diffuser...

Names are a big deal to me. I am constantly looking up meanings of names, origins, and why someone would name something or someone what they did.

In the case of this travel diffuser, I found it to mean breeze. A bit on the nose and not overly creative but I see where they're going with this. In more ways than one, but this isn't the place for that.

In any case, this "breezy" little fella is truly a gift for those who travel any amount of time in the car. For example- on a recent trip home from Arkansas with my daughter, diffuser Rosemary and Peppermint kept me alert so I was able to see the deer I ran right over (someone had done the solid of killing it for me, I simply used it as a speed bump) and so I was able to maneuver that situation better than had I been more drowsy. Happens on road trips and all.

Also, just having a diffuser for running around town is great because frankly, I need a little Peppermint going while I'm driving in the hot Summer weather. It might be all in my head, but I feel cooler when I diffuse Peppermint. Not like, 20 year old cooler, but temperature wise. My cool points went out the window when I started driving a mini van.

And! It fits perfectly in my cup holder. Although, I often have two/three beverages with me(don't ask) so it does present a challenge. But you'll probably be fine.

Your June Gifts with purchase will automatically show up as you add to either your Loyalty order or Shop order. Click here to begin shopping now.

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