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Journal For Releasing

If you sit with me for 2 minutes, chances are we will discuss journaling. Whenever I mention the benefits of journaling, 99% the person I am having a conversation with begins ot list the 101 reasons why they do not and could not jiurnal. Probably about half the time I haven't asked, yet I because the priest for journaling and confession is in full swing.

The truth is, I don't care whether someone journals or not. I use to, but now I live and let live. It's been an amazing and wonderful tool that I have used to heal my own emotions and learn to hear from God better that I talk about journaling to literally anyone who will listen.

Journaling hosts a multitude of benefits including;

  • Boosting emotional intelligence

  • Improves overall mental health

  • Inspires creativity

  • Boosts memory

  • Also enhances critical thinking

There are many more benefits but these are enough to get me excited for sure!

As you enter into new seasons of your life, know that journaling can benefit you in those coming days. I know I wouldn't enjoy new seasons without journaling because I might still have that mental mess swirling in my head rather than slapped down on paper. 😉

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