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Is There Something You Need?

Since Young Living goes only by what is available in nature rather than manufacture a synthetic product, from time to time products go in and out of stock. When they return we tend to make a mad dash for the computer and buy up all we can in case it goes out of stock again. Not only is this super weird, but one could argue it's wrong on so many levels. I mean, not morally perhaps, but just weird and wrong.

Better still would be, how about we have a little list of what we need, or rather what our body systems require for optimal health and when they product returns, check the list? Seems like a much clearer and level headed way, wouldn't you agree?

Today we find ourselves looking at a few items that are back in stock that quite possibly many are in need of.

First and foremost the much loved Aria Premium starter kit is back. This need is specific to those who want an account with Young Living and only want to begin with the Aria collection. So this is indeed excellent news for those folks.


There's also one of my most trusted and favorite oils, so I'm a little partial. We wrote about Helichrysum here, along with a fantastic eye healing recipe. Also this oil is in the top running for best after a burn essential oil. It soothes the hurt and sting of burns, sun or otherwise. In addition to Lavender, you might consider Helichrysum.

Considered the fountain of youth by the Ancient Greeks, Helichrysum is incredible as an add to aid in healing and restoration of the skin. Hence my love for this oil at age 47....


AgilEase has also returned to us. Now this one, we discussed at length in our series on the Body System Breakdown. What a fantastic supplement for those looking to heal their ligaments and joints. If you have found yourself to be a little creaky as of late AND you're already taking your baseline supplements, Ningxia Red, OmegaGize, Master Formula, & Life 9, then consider adding this. But don't get this without first laying a good solid supplement foundation. You might find those are enough and you do not need an extra supplement.


As an ex-hairdresser I am completely tickled that the Copaiba Vanilla Conditioner is back. For those with thicker hair or dry scalp, or both, oh this condition is lovely. Beyond lovely actually. When I sold hair products in the salon the most distressing thing was how toxic they were. Sure everyone of them worked to style hair and create a luscious look. Yet the toxins... oof... It's comforting to know there is a hair product out there that isn't trying to kill you while you pursue gorgeous hair.


Essence of the Season is another collection that is back. Honestly this is a fantastic deal because it's $85 and yet contains Christmas Spirit, Frankincense, Myrrh (which you cannot get as a 5ml), Frankincense and Myrrh gum resin. When something like this that is cost effective comes back I tend to have it on hand. Those three oils are ones i use quite often so it makes sense. The gum resins you would use in a Resin Burner to create a more incense feel. Though if you do not have a Resin Burner, well, I suppose those might be wasted. I will say, I chew the resin as it is excellent for dental health.


The Essential Beauty Serum is also back and when I say this one I want to crawl in the bottle, I wish I were joking. As far as soothing dry skin, yes of course, it does all of that. But the aroma, goodness!! It is incredible! You decide, is your skin painfully dry during the Winter months? This one may be a huge help.


Essentialzymes-4 is one of our four enzymes available. With so many choices it can be a little daunting to know which enzyme your body is requiring. This one is a fairly simple ask. If you are not concerned about fat digestion, or having a vegetarian option, then this one would be your optimal choice.


Juniper is one of our essential oil singles that is back and listen, this one may be right for jsut about everyone. Imagine the power of liver cleansing vegetables but in a single drop of oil.

Juniper is one of the most powerfully healing essential oils we have. First and foremost, this oil is excellent for detoxing and cleansing the kidneys and subsequently, the bladder.

Secondly Juniper releases thoughts of insecurity and anger. I'm beginning to wonder if there is a connection with anger and kidney, bladder and liver problems.... Specifically, the emotion of, well, I have no other words to describe it other than, pissy. If you've raised children, you may have met this emotion. In any case, one drop swiped over that area of the body and over the kidneys just might course correct an entire mood. You be the judge.


Lemongrass Vitality (internal consumption) is back in stock as well. The benefits of lemongrass may support healthy joints and repel those pesky outdoor annoyances.

This oil has an interesting aromatic affect on the mind. Its pungent and earthy aroma heightens mental awareness, and purifies the mind. Lemongrass releases resentment, regret from the “should of” statements and pessimism by transforming these negative energies into positive energies. It allows the left brain to see options, so once the negative energies are released, optimism, courage and hope prevails. Lemongrass also protects our auric field from electromagnetic energy (TV, computers, radio). So it would be a good one to wear at the airport, or anywhere really when are bodies are bombarded with these energies.


And finally, we have the Slique weight reduction products back in stock. Should you find yourself in need of a little extra help in reducing weight, Slique might be a consideration. If, however, your challenge is a metabolism then yes, these would be sufficient. If however your challenge is emotion related, then you may want to investigate the oils that will assist in that area.

All items back in stock are available on Shop and Essential Rewards.

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