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How to Choose a Muscle Soothing Oil


Between PanAway, Deep Relief, and Cool Azul, it can be a challenge to know which oil should you use and when. Personally, I go by aroma.

I know, I know, when it comes to physical conditions, aroma is the last component when choosing an oil.

Hence, why this article is being written, for those of kindred spirits with yours truly, needing more to go on than scent.

To be clear, there is no exact answer for everyone, each person has a different chemical make-up and each oil reacts differently on every person. Just as some people prefer lavender essential oil to create a soothing and calming environment before bed, others prefer Peace and Calming, and some prefer Cedarwood. Understanding nuances of essential oil use is truly an individual experience.

Here is a side by side comparison of these three oils so you can learn the difference and better discern which oil you may prefer to use for specific situations. Each are incredible in their own rite, by the way. Discover for yourself.

Deep Relief: Comes pre-diluted in a roller-ball, making it easy to take on the go, throw in gym bag, and easy to apply. Essential oils: Peppermint Lemon Balsam Fir Clove Copaiba Wintergreen Helichrysum Vetiver Dorado Azul Smell: Deep Relief does not have as strong of a smell as Panaway or Cool Azul because it is pre-diluted. Some people prefer the softer aroma. The invigorating, minty smells stand out the most! Did you know? Menthol is responsible for the cooling sensation Peppermint causes when it is inhaled or applied to the skin! For more information on Peppermint, Lemon, and Copiaba, Check out Young Living University in the Virtual Office! Under each oil is product micro-course!

PanAway: All the oils in PanAway are found in Deep Relief, however, PanAway is NOT pre-diluted, making this a very potent and powerful essential oil. PanAway has a child proof cap because of the high amount of wintergreen essential oil. Wintergreen is high in a constituent called Methyl salicylate. Methyl salicylate is used as the active ingredient in many sports creams, but usually from a synthetic source. Oils: Wintergreen Helichrysum Clove Peppermint Smell: PanAway has a refreshing, stimulating and potent smell. The wintergreen aroma stands out more than it does in Deep Relief or Cool Azul. Some people say PanAway smells like rootbeer, this is because wintergreen is actually used to make root beer! For a fun Friday night party aroma, combine this with Stress Away- VOILA! Root beer Float!

Eugenol, the main constituent in clove, has been heavily researched for its beneficial properties.

Cool Azul: Is not pre-diluted and features two Young Living exclusive oils: Dorado Azul and Plectranthus Oregano. Young Living is the only company that sells these two oils, and they are homegrown on Young Living farms! Cool Azul also has a child-proof cap because of the high amount of wintergreen essential oil. You'll notice there are several Cool Azul products, rest assured, we will cover those as well. Oils: Wintergreen Peppermint Sage Copaiba Oregano Tea Tree Plectranthus Oregano Blue Cypress Elemi Vetiver Caraway Dorado Azul German Chamomile Smell: Cool Azul smells much sweeter than Deep Relief and PanAway. This aroma is light, but yet uplifting, invigorating and sweet.

Cool Azul Pain Cream:

Young Living’s Cool Azul™ Pain Relief Cream provides cooling relief from minor muscle and joint aches, arthritis, strains, bruises, and sprains. Our plant-based formula combines the power of Wintergreen essential oil with our exclusive Cool Azul essential oil blend. With two powerful, synergistic active ingredients, this cream provides pain-relieving benefits in two ways: methyl salicylate found in Wintergreen helps alleviate pain deep in the muscles and joints, and natural menthol found in Peppermint provides a cooling effect. If you need relief without synthetic ingredients, Young Living’s Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream is the answer!

Cool Azul Sports Gel:

Cool Azul™ Sports Gel is formulated with a full 10 percent of pure essential oils in every 3.4-oz. tube. Along with hydrating the skin, our sports gel boasts a topically cooling blend of Peppermint, Plectranthus Oregano, and Dorado Azul essential oils with menthol and camphor.

Grown on Young Living’s Ecuador farm, Plectranthus Oregano has similar constituents and properties as Oregano, but it is actually in the mint family. It was named by D. Gary Young because of its oregano-like aroma. Ecuadorian Oregano was just release and is available for purchase as a single.

As always, we are here to assist should you have any further inquiries on either or all of the pain and muscle soothing blends.

If you are currently a Young Living member head over to your Virtual Office and add these to your Essential Rewards cart. If you are not a currently a Young Living member, the opportunity is always open for you. Perhaps it's time...

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