How Can I?

For a few weeks I’ve been in rehab mode due to a hip injury. In other words, no running since end of May. I’ve started back this week, Monday good, Tuesday iffy, Wednesday the hip said, “oh no ma’am, I don’t think so.” But I see myself as a runner. I run. I like running. It’s the best form of exercise for me. Strength training at home leaves me with zero joy. Running leaves me feeling elated, accomplished and healthy. Walking back on the beach I thought, ‘how can?’ How can I make my body behave and just run? Long story of mental gymnastics short, I decided to beach run.

Turns out, my hip loves beach running. Me too hip, me too.

My point? Many times we have an obstacle in the way of a set goal and throw our hands up, and then give up. Or we say “it wasn’t God’s plan for me to_____”. Sometimes I wonder if the Lord is like “don’t drag Me into your excuses.”

What if instead of giving up, we always asked the question “how can I?” What if we let our mind search for the answer? What if we actually stopped everything and listened for the voice of God to give us a specific and clear answer to our current challenge?

Try it, you just might find yourself running on a beach.


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