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Hormone Support at its Finest!

This week in our 3 in 15 discussion we highlighted three really interesting Young Living products- Clary Sage, Believe essential oil blend and Femigen.

We are working towards an upgrade in our hormone and emotional support.


Beginning with Clary Sage, I mentioned that this one has been nicknamed, rightly so, "clear eyes". This was in the Middle Ages so while this may seem odd for today, it's pretty spot on. You see, Clary Sage does give you incredible clarity particularly when there is an overly emotional situation happening. Making decisions when we are feeling all the feels can be extreemly difficult. Clary Sage calms that storm and brings a more healthy attitude and mindset, one that helps you to think straight. In other words- you won't choose to lop off your hair in a fit of rage. For women in the PMS or menopause stages of life, this will assit in balancing anything that is out of balance. Well, most everything, I really shouldn't make such blanket statements.

Lastly, and most importantly, this one gives us the ability to dream. There's that clear eyes thing again. When trauma and stress occurs, many times it is so hard to dare to dream, to sit and wonder, what if... Or often there are those who were never allowed to sit and daydream about possibilities and great things so they simply never did. Clary Sage opens up the mind and creates space to do just that.


Speaking of dreaming... we have Believe in the que. This one opens our subconscious awareness to our truest potential. It's been said that we do not even tap into a quarter of our full potential and yet, few do anything about it! So here we have an essential oil blend that is meant to help us see what we are made of and run with that. THis also releases the emotions of despair and inadequacy. Oof, those are heavy tp type. Oftentimes these two sit in the lungs, not always but pretty consistent with most people. When these attemtp to land, exhaling is nearly constant yet those deep inhales fall away. Believe essential oil blend with help bring stability to the emotions by restoring hope and desire.


Femigen is our last of the trio this week. THis one is so fascinatining to me. It's a strong supplement but not as strong as Endogize. We will discuss that one next Friday. Femigen supports our endorcrine systems, supports a healthy libido, stress & energy levels and assists the emotions in potential mood swings. Like our friend Clar Sage, Femigen is beautiful for all things PMS, Menopause and Perimenopause. In addition it keeps hormonal weight to a perfect level with its ability to support hormone related appetites- keeping it to a minimum. This is a well rounded supplement and is a great alternative for estrogen therapy. (see your general care practitioner as I only offer educational information, not medical advice.)

There is a building block in this one called L-cystein. This is cool because L-cytein is a building block for glutathione, the mother of all antioxidants! I won't go into too much detail on this one, because I have written a ton of information on this one alone. As have several other health care professionals, over 89,000 articles to be exact. Go look in the search button here for more on Glutathione. In a nutshell however, this antioxidant has been known as the master detoxifier and maestro of the immune system. And, it''s something we naturally produce but with eating cruddy foods and potential lifestyle habits, this production may decrease. Again, look in here for more ways to boost your own glutathione levels.

See you next week when we discuss Endogize and more!

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