Holiday Gatherings

The holidays are upon us, the bustling time of menu planning, gathering gifts and creating a beautiful environment for traditions to abound.

The preparations for the holiday time are plentiful and if we aren’t careful we’ll miss a couple of key factors in holiday festivities.

Scented candles and air fresheners are a popular way to create a festive ambiance at gatherings. During the holidays, many people find the warm aroma of pine, gingerbread, pumpkin or cinnamon makes the room feel more welcoming. Unfortunately, most scented candles can have a negative impact on indoor air quality and individual health.

The fragrance alone is the biggest offender of using these types of air enhancers. The average scented candle can release harmful chemicals into the air — even when unlit. While we may enjoy the fragrance of scented candles and air fresheners in our home during the holiday season they may be damaging your health. Rather than damaging the health of our guests this holiday season, utilizing essential oils will be a lovely way to bring in a warm holiday feel.

Diffusing essential oils releases molecules of the oils into the air, allowing you and guests to breathe them in. This is a two fold benefit. Not only do the essential oils smell incredible and create that same inviting feel that you are looking for from a scented candle, but by diffusing them you are able to direct the mood of the entire room. Just by simply inhaling these powerful plant oils, the mind is instantly at ease and feeling relaxed; a much desired affect during any holiday gathering. Within twenty seconds the emotional benefit of each oil can be felt within the brain in a way that soothes even the most tense of persons. Imagine having an the aroma of Frankincense and Orange wafting through your home, creating a feeling of grounding and joy to all who inhale the scent. Or Peace and Calming diffusing during a workplace party. The benefits of using essential oils topically on yourself are endless. When applied topically, these oils are able to penetrate the skin, and giving you a solid feeling of stability an peace as you face any tense holiday gathering. The holidays aren’t always so jolly for many and using essential oils can be a perfect way to lift any mood and quell anxiety. Again, within seconds the molecules soothe the mind and allow for the brain receptors to fire and wire the way they were meant to, creating connections for clear thinking rather than trails of anxiety.

One perfect oil to have in your pocket throughout this time of year, Valor. The strength and courage you receive from this oil blend is astounding. This is a courage and calming oil. Use when you need a boost of confidence. The history comes from when Romans were headed into battle, they would take baths in these types of oils. Scripture mentions the Israelites "oiling the shields" as a sign of God's protection.

Maybe it's harmony you are needing. There is an oil for just that~ Harmony. This is a very powerful spiritual and emotional oil blend. Harmony promotes and helps to create peace and harmony in all areas of our life no matter what seems to be out of balance. As we seek to release trapped emotions it is key to be in a harmonious state of mind in order to see truth and move forward. When things are being thrown at you, the flow of energy may get out of whack and our frequency will get low. The oils in Harmony are high in frequency in order to raise the low frequency negative emotions have caused. Harmony helps us to re-establish the connections by balancing the energy centers or chakras. It also allows us to ease stress and free emotional blocks softly and gently. Once this happens the energy in our body can flow free again and we feel more in control of our life.

Whatever your plans for the holidays take you, be sure you have essential oils in the preparations. Be sure you are using them with intention and purpose so that this holiday season will be your best yet.


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