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Have You Tried Breathing?

In every talk, every class I teach and every article I write on emotional well being, I am a bit of a broken record. Justifiably so on account of most folks need to be reminded 12 times the same exact information before they even grasp the concept, let alone put it into action. Statistics and algorithms show this info needs repeating.

Now then, in order to heal literally anything in your mind or body, you absolutely must know how to breathe, do it often and do it well. You see, breathing properly is key in supplying much needed oxygen to your cells and brain. Shallow breathing creates more carbon dioxide while deep cleansing breathing brings fresh oxygen. The mind is clearer, the blood is purer, the emotions, much much freer. And anything needing healing, well, turns out being supplied with fresh air and nutrients does wonders for any body system. I often wonder- what would my body look like if I simply focused on breathing correctly and getting an abundance of fresh pure water? Incidentally, this is on my Summer bucket list so stay tuned.

Why wouldn’t we breathe correctly or better stated- why am I always beating this drum? The answer is pretty obvious but for the sake of newcomers, it’s because 99% of the world is stressed out, to max capacity. We as a world have reach our limit on the amount of stress we can even bare. For those of us thriving in health and wellness, the collective energy spewed out from negativity and stress nuggets can be like walking through an energetic mine field. I’m finding myself overly smiling, overly seeking ways to bless and not curse. On the highway this morning, someone was angry that I moved safely into their lane (they wanted to be first I guess?) and rather than give anger back I blessed them, out loud, & wished them the best day they could possibly have. And then applied my Valor and Believe essential oil blends. Do what you need to in order to care for your own wellbeing the moment it needs to be done, and not a second later. This will stave off the need for emotional releasing later.

All of this to say- takes energy and a massive amount of work to offer the world life giving energy and so, proper breathing may take a back seat. In addition, the amount of collective grief in the world is appalling. Talks of negative issues brings a level of grief many aren’t equipped for.

And then, you take someone like me, and there’s a lot of us, who are walking through personal trials & pain, or those who have in years past yet again, never dealt with it and whooshta. Folks are shallow breathing just to survive the day.

So we breathe. We breathe deep. Slow the pace down.

You know how movies can be edited and seen frame by frame? Deep cleansing breaths helps us to take the situation we find ourselves in frame by frame, we slow it down, we pause the pace of our life so that the body can get up to speed on not rushing here and there. Slow it down, think things through. Breathe…

From the belly, slowly, as deeply as your able.

Try it now. Take three deep breaths. I just did this and my dogs took a deep breath as well. Like yawning, slow breathing is contagious.

Ok now, if you are an essential oil user, take one out, any will do, preferably one you love. Don’t put it in your hand just sniff it from the bottle. I want you to go back and forth and notice the shift in your body, your frequency and even your lung capacity. After you’ve tried one without oil and one with, do it once more. I do this a few times a day with my oils, and more recently with Longevity after hearing a powerful bit of science research on healing with this one. What I notice when I do this is my mind is clear, I’m less tired in the afternoon and my heart rate slows to a turtle pace. If you are not an essential oil user, I'm fairly certain I am able to help out your situation. Essential oils are not mandatory for emotional and physical health, but goodness, it sure is a fast track to do so.

If you are practicing what I wrote yesterday, add this to that. You’ll be astounded at how much clearer your speech becomes and how peaceful your days are.

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