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Fresh Take on Lemon

Our next fresh take is Lemon. Sunshine in a bottle right?

But did you know, according to Jena Valnet, MD, the diffusing method of Lemon can consume meningococcus bacteria in 15 minutes, typhoid bacilli in one hour and staphylococcus aureus in two hours and Pneumonococuus bacteria within three hours. With this in mind, Lemon mingled with Geranium has been shown to hit and shut down the newest nonsense in our world. Diffuse this along with Pine for an extra oomph to your immune system!

One thing I find interesting about teaching and sharing essential oils is how detailed our God is in creating these. For example, did you know essential oils do not kill anything? Not bacteria, viruses, free radicals etc. They rather consume these bad boys. See God doesn't give us medicine that kills, only heals and in the consuming process, there is healing. By nature plants are consumers, not killers, so we can rejoice that as we apply the oils or ingest them, they are consuming what isn't for our best. Don't you feel better knowing you're ingesting consumers?


Lemon has more uses than you might even imagine. Some favorites include:

  • degreaser

  • tummy soother

  • mood lifter

  • natural whitener (clothing)

  • weight loss helper

  • body and cell purifier

  • cough soother

The list truly goes on and on for Lemon. Personally, my favorite use is one drop in my water each morning to start the day off with a sip of sunshine!

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