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Fresh Take on Lavender

Our third fresh take is Lavender. What an incredible and diverse oil! Lavender is said to have over 1001 uses and while I'd love to list them all, likely one wouldn't take the time to sift through them. Let's discuss a lesser known use for Lavender.

Calming, soothing and relaxing are all things to describe Lavender. But did you know that Lavender has a natural antihistamine property? That's just science friends, science that many authorities would rather you not know. In any case, it is a powerful one and ought to be considered before heading out to a day at the park. Dab a drop under your tongue or nose to ward off any sneezes and sniffles.


This oil was more than off putting to me when I first was introduced to essential oils. In fact, there were many I did not care for, but thought there was something wrong with me since everyone I knew raved about all the oils. Well, turns out, there was something wrong- just not what I was expecting. Lavender, along with many other oils has this incredible way of piercing right to the root of emotional issues. This one in particular deals with the emotion of abandonment.

Let’s peer further into abandonment and discover a simple and smooth way out.

The top reasons someone may have some challenges in this area are:

•Death. Death is natural, but that doesn't make it less traumatic especially if it occurred unexpectedly.

•Abuse, both Physical and sexual abuse, along with other types of abuse, can create lingering mental health issues, including a fear of abandonment.

•Poverty, this is a biggie that I see in many women who grew up in a less than stellar economic situation. Money represents security for so many, it’s literally the way to move through society. Without money, you can’t have the basic necessities of life- and for a child, that is everything.

Relationship loss. I feel like this sums it all up.

•Adoption. Even if the child was welcomed into the most loving family God ever created, the fact is, the feeling the adopted child has in the recesses of their minds is, “someone gave me up”.

•Divorce, even though this might be the best option for the parents, children do not walk away unscathed.

All of these can be overcome with a different perspective and mindset. But I bring them to your attention because if any of this is/was your story, and you do not enjoy the Lavender aroma, perhaps you have some root issues to pull out.


I realize this may be a bit heavy for some to see that an oil can read your mail, so to speak. But the facts are that if you have negative emotions not dealt with, when inhaling the pure Lavender, the oils will begin to route out that negative emotion. If you're up for diving into the world of emotional healing then start slow. Add a few drops in your diffuser each night and notice the mental change over the next several days. Afterward, add a drop to the palm of your hands and notice what emotion and/or thought surfaces. Continue to breathe this in until you feel a "shift" in your soul. Keep doing this for a few weeks. Eventually you'll begin to see the difference the oil is making with your emotions and soon enough- you'll be as I am and loving Lavender nearly as much as life itself.

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