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And why we need to know about them



more that just "good vibes"


Frequency is everything. It literally affects every single area of our lives. From our health, to our emotions, to our relationships, right down to the goals we set and whether or not we will actually achieve them, our frequency matters. It matters more than many think.

Grasping the concept of frequency doesn't require a PHD in physics but it does require one to think beyond that catchy t-shirt that says "good vibes only". Lovely and cute as those are, it's deeper and much more powerful than all that.

Webster defines it this way-
the rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave, either in a material (as in sound waves), or in an electromagnetic field (as in radio waves and light), usually measured per second.

Every moment of everyday our organs and cells vibrate at certain rates and depending on what we are going through, physically, emotionally, and even spiritually, our cells will vibrate faster or slower.

Fast vibrations indicate good health.

Slow vibrations may indicate a decline in our overall health.

The human body should vibrate between a 66-72 MHz. And different organs have their own vibrational rate.

When a condition occurs in the body, one can immediately discern there is a dip in the vibration somewhere in the body. It is at this point where it becomes important to ask the question- "what happened that now I am feeling ________?"


With essential oils it’s the vibration of the molecules. Because essential oils harmonize perfectly with our organs, we use them to raise our cells’ frequency.

  • When our frequency is low- we feel down, i.e. depressed, frustrated or even sick.

  • When our frequency is high- we feel up, i.e. happy, joyful, positive about the future and full of health.

In even simpler terms- think of when you enter a room and it just feels incredibly wonderful to be there. That’s a high frequency event or group of people. The people are likely healthy, strong and prosperous and speaking of things that are healthy, strong and prosperous.

Conversely, when you enter a room and it feels like a pot of negative stew, that’s a low frequency group. The people are likely negative or someone may be sick/poor/depressed and complaining about being sick/poor/depressed.

Our words bring high or low frequency as well. If you'd like to practice, repeat the word Love ten times in a row, then repeat the word hate same amount of times. I would bet that you are hard pressed to complete the full ten with the second word. Be sure to repeat Love a dozen or more times in order to raise back up to where you were before you tried my little experiment.


Should you feel your frequency dip adjust the frequency by reaching for your essential oils. If you are unsure which oils are best suited to raise it, see the chart below. It is a useful tool to have on hand for those times you know you'll need to keep the vibration extra high. In today's world, you might consider applying these oils with intention so that you are always above it all. Apply the oils over your heart, your brain stem or on your temples.


Eat high frequency foods. Anything that is bright and vibrant in color, anything that is raw and full of life, these will be an excellent indicator that the food is indeed, high frequency.

Speak high frequency words. Words associated with love, and joy, peaceful words.

Listen to high frequency music. Music is what feelings sounds like. You don't need to ask what music is high frequency, your cells will tell you.


Everything has a frequency to it, even the Human Brain has been measured. Knowing what has which level of frequency is empowering, it gives you an advantage to stay ahead of a frequency dip beginning from the thoughts you think to the words you say even to the food you eat. If you are about to reach for a can of vegetables, remember this number ZERO. Fresh indeed, is always best.

  • Human Brain: 72-90 MHz

  • Cold Symptoms: 58 MHz

  • Flu Symptoms: 57 MHz

  • Candida: 55 MHz

  • Fresh Herbs: 20-27 MHz

  • Dry Herbs: 12 - 22 MHz

  • Fresh Produce: up to 15 MHz

  • Processed / Canned foods: 0 MHz

  • Essential oils: 52 - 320 MHz

What would happen if the next time you are feeling any of the above, you reach for an essential oil that has a high frequency rating? Hmmm... things could get interesting to say the least.

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