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Fire Cider & Mineral Essence

Mineral Essence

"You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency." -Linus Pauling PhD

It took me about 12 years to take my mineral essence. I tried it years ago and threw the bottle away. It tasted so foul.

Ok, I know we aren't off to a winning start, but hear me out. This gets good.

A friend of mine shared a recipe with me and in addition, she threw in some alarming stats about not taking minerals and I thought I’d put on my grown up pants and try again.

Five droppers full into a shot of Ningxia, Amino Wise and a bottle of kombucha was my first attempt. That was quite a lot to drink for only 5 droppers full but it did the trick and I was on my way to becoming a mineral taker.

Yay me.

After about a week, I could FEEL the difference. I was shocked. And then, my body started craving it. It’s weird when that happens, you know?

Fast forward a month or so, and I take Mineral Essence with a little bit of water to smooth out the taste. It's not my favorite beverage, but it's not vile to me anymore.

Mineral Essence is truly a game changer. But wait, there's more. See that bottle of brown next to my Mineral Essence. Yea, let's talk about that guy.

I've been eyeballing Fire Cider since last Winter. I had read on Pinterest (geez, am I the only one?) and saw this was the trendy thing to do when the weather turns cold and people are unwell. People apparently use fire cider as a natural remedy against the flu and common colds. I guess it helps relieve nasal congestion, support digestion, warm the body during cold seasons, and boosts immunity. I mean, I use my essential oils and Ningxia Red for much of that but why not give my body a little extra kick in the pants?

Always with my head on a swivel for some natural health supplement, I finally gathered my ingredients and made up a batch.

What I didn't realize is you need to wait a full 4-6 weeks before taking it!


And wouldn't you know, my daughter came down with some hacking something or other the day after we mixed ups batch. I was forced to do what any caring mother would do- buy from a local vendor. Hence the label on the Fire Cider.

She took the Cider dutifully everyday with the most pinched face I'd ever seen her make. She is not one to shy away from weird tasting things so I took this as a sign that our Fire Cider was sure to test my limits.

I couldn't have been more right.

Once our Fire Cider was done I timidly sipped a tablespoon.

GAH!! It was Fire alright! My word, my mouth was torched from that sucker.

But, a delightful warm feeling occurred on the way down, much like with a shot of whiskey so of course- I was not deterred. And with my new found love for Mineral Essence (not going to swoon, but you know, a relationship with the supplement nonetheless) I was certain I could choke anything down at the point.

Oof, this was a hard go.


At this point my ability to take Mineral Essence was at a solid adding drops to my Ningxia shot everyday while ruining a perfectly good shot of Ningxia Red, by the way.

Recently this week I decided to add the Mineral Essence to my Fire Cider shot. I'm an efficient woman and it was taking me entirely too long to choke down two interesting tasting supplements.

The results, were a magnificent surprise. The two liquids went into a small measuring cup and I added a TBL of raw honey. Honey dresses literally anything up, don't you think?

I braced myself.

The kids watched.

I sipped it and for the first time didn't wheel and cough and hack at the first sip. Again, sort of like getting use to whiskey.

Drinking the rest of it in one fell swoop I was thrilled that not only had I persevered but had actually found a way to get these much needed supplements into my routine, in a pleasant way.

Yay me again!

If you are inspired by our story of Mineral Essence and intrigued on how it may make you feel, find it here. For Fire Cider, check with your local Farmer's Market or reply to this post and I will send you my recipe.

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