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feelings and emotions are at an all time high, what will you do with them...

Life routines have changed for many of us in the past six months and continue to change. Because of the near constant change, emotions can run at an all time high. If left unchecked this can hinder progressing through life with grace and ease and achieving dreams in visions set in your heart long before a pandemic came on the scene.

FUN FACT Never did I ever think I would buy into the whole essential oils & emotions thing. I mean, a collection called "Feelings", good heavens... But, when I'm wrong, I say it. I was wrong.

So very wrong.

I'm grateful to have been proven wrong on this one. My refuge essential oil of choice was Valor so it came as no surprise that I quickly fell in love with oils such as Inner Child, (yes I snickered at that one too), then Present Time and the pièce de résistance, Harmony. Harmony gave me the opportunity to rise above my current circumstances and get to a higher frequency.


"Research at New York University proved the amygdala gland (the gland in the limbic system of the brain that stores and releases trauma in the body) does not respond to sound, sight, or touch, but ONLY releases emotional trauma through the sense of SMELL." (From Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils by Carolyn Mein) Also, here's a little bit of info that really expanded my thinking: “YOU CAN INHERIT EMOTIONS. SERIOUSLY.” Go ahead, read that again... I'll wait... New research has shown emotional responses and fears may be inherited biologically through chemical changes that occur in DNA. During tests, mice passed on learned information about traumatic or stressful experiences to subsequent generations. (From Nat Nuerosci, 2014 Jan; 17(1) 89-96)

In simpler terms, if your parents didn't have stellar emotional makeup, chances are, neither do you, unless you have learned how to care for yourself through caring for your emotions. Given the state of the world and the humans residing in it, we could all use some emotional support, would you agree?

Did you know

Fragrance is the substance of memories. Research shows that when inhaling the constituents (monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes and phenols) in these essential oils, it can stimulate the olfactory receptors and activate regions in the brain’s limbic system associated with memory, emotion, and state of mind. This is the brain’s center of emotion and memory as well as the “unconscious brain.” In less than a second, a scent has the power to activate a number of physical and emotional responses that, perhaps, you have long forgotten about or believed were not an issue any more. Essential oils support the body in minimizing the reaction of anxiety becoming acidic. Essential oils can also help in the release of old emotional traumas, as the aromas are able to trigger an emotional release.


When the cycles of life are coming fast and furious, the flow of energy may become blocked and our frequency drops. The essential oils in Harmony are high in frequency in order to raise the low frequency negative emotions have caused. Harmony helps us to re-establish the connections by balancing the energy centers or chakras. It also allows us to ease stress and free emotional blocks softly and gently. Once this happens the energy in our body can flow free again and we feel more in control of our life.

Application: Apply 2 drops on the energy meridians either directly on or along the side of the body.

Apply to the top of children’s head throughout the day, especially as many are now home together more often.


As you begin to notice a shift toward a lower frequency or negative thought, apply the Harmony with the intention of coming back to center.

Use your affirmations such as " My path is clear", or "I am at peace and harmony with those around me".

Notice as you do this purposefully, daily, perhaps hourly, there will be a significant shift. You'll begin to see frustrations and blocks as little gnats you simply swat away.


VALOR -Is a courage and calming oil. Use when you need a boost of confidence. The history comes from when Romans were headed into battle, they would take baths in these types of oils. Scripture mentions the Israelites "oiling the shields" as a sign of God's protection.

As you apply Valor today, remind yourself that this oil, if you let it, will cause you to absorb your thoughts in it's aroma and release any and all limitation that are trying to keep you in that space. When we slip back into old behaviors and patterns it's not because we simply do not want to try, fear can creep in, the road may become too wearying and so we falter, become out of balance.

Roman soldiers applied oils to their shield every time they went to battle. Every time. As you work towards your emotional healing and freedom, remember at times it may feel a bit like a battle. Pause here, journal some thoughts that come up, perhaps remind yourself of truths you once believed. Truths you'd love to believe now.

Let your thoughts become so lost in the goodness and richness of this oil today. After all, it is being gifted to us by Young Living this month, I believe we have a lovely option to be so very generous with ourselves.

Application: Apply 6 drops Valor on each shoulder and just sit. Let the Valor sink in. This is a great time to be journaling as you sit with the Valor.

Valor will bring your mind, body and soul into balance. Valor will allow you to absorb your thoughts and release those limitations that do not want to let you go.



Hope deferred makes the heart sick... Restore Hope with this gorgeous blend. The single oils in this blend have the ability to restore the body physically and mentally to give us hope. These oils when inhaled together give us the feeling of going forward with hope and achievement. This blend reconnects us with a feeling of strength and grounding.

Mind mess, something many struggle with but never come to a full knowledge of how to deal with it. Always worried, always fearful. Incorporating Peace and Calming into your daily routine of essential oil usage can shape your days tremendously. In a time when stress and worry are at the peak, Peace and Calming is a much needed respite.

Apply a few drops, one oil at a time in the palm of your hand, inhale to a count of four and with a big exhale, release any and all stressors.

ESSENTIAL OILS IN PEACE AND CALMING- • Tangerine contains properties that are sedating and calming to the nervous system. • Orange brings peace and happiness to the mind and body and joy to the heart, which feelings provide emotional support to help one overcome depression. • Ylang Ylang may help balance the male-female energies so you are able to move closer towards being able to focus thoughts, filtering out the ever-present garbage. It brings back feelings of self-love, confidence, joy, and peace. • Patchouli is sedating, calming, and relaxing, allowing it to reduce anxiety. • Blue Tansy may help cleanse the liver and calm the lymphatic system.

Blocked emotions can keep us from getting to where we are meant to be. Lacking in vision creates that feeling of being completely all over the place. The essential oil blend Envision is one to have on hand should you ever feel blocked or stuck emotionally. Add two drops in your palm, inhale deeply to create confidence as you move forward, in the direction of your dreams. Consider diffusing throughout the day to help renew your faith in what is yet to come. Go ahead, visualize your grandest ideals and visions! See it the way you want it, dear friends. Also, diffuse to help create new ideas. Your thoughts cannot change unless you have new ideas, for you think FROM your ideas! (don't think OF the goal, think FROM the goal as if you have already achieved it!)

"Your imagination is the instrument, the means, whereby your redemption from slavery, sickness, and poverty is effected." Neville Goddard

As you consider the days behind and those ahead, be sure you are secure in your emotional state. Releasing any negative thoughts, memories and emotions will go a long way into creating your future, and being able to look forward to it with great joy!

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