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Fear NOT! Ok, but How?

I’m a classic overachiever. Type A. Only child. Driven. So when I hear or see the phrase “Faith over Fear” I spend a ridiculous amount of time chastising myself because there seems to be a stupid amount of irrational fears that have attempted to land and have to some degree succeeded in my mind.

You see, it’s not as simple as saying do not fear to someone if you are not God.

And when you, (me) reads that phrase 365 times in the word of God, “Do not fear”, you (me) may feel like an epic failure because dang, you know you shouldn’t, you know fear is the opposite of faith (it’s actually not but let’s go with culture for a sec), and you just can’t seem to not think of insane what ifs.


A little story to set the stage

On a recent horseback riding lesson the trainer wanted us to ride bare back. I mean, I’m game but let’s stay smooth and chill, mmmkay? Not her style.

The trotting around the arena about did my nerves in. Oh and get this- the horse can feel my energy, so ya know, just relax... Oy vay.

During the lesson I kept saying to myself “ma’am, what is your problem?? You use to ride like a wild woman through this hills of CA with ZERO fear!” Myself said back to me, “what if I fall off and break something” Who’s going to do ____?” so escalated a mountain of other “who’s going tos” while I talked to myself.

It led me to realize I feel afraid more than I don’t since August 17th, 2021.

Which makes me angry.

So there’s shock (see previous write up), fear and now anger. Super.


Asking my friend for help and a counseling session she said sure, but consider this- and went on with some profound insight that led me to prayer that led me to see how right she was, more than she even knew.

Well great, now what.

I suppose some of you have felt that way in an emotion coaching session when you had a revelation of the reason for an issue- great, now that pandora’s box is open, what can I do to stop being in shock, being afraid and of course, stop being angry with myself?


The now what

Prayer of course, asking for more insight and wisdom to what to do next. Take your oils out, preferably before your prayer time because essential oils clear out all that the enemy of the soul has planted by helping our brain rewrite, rewire the pathways that align with truth. In the case of fear, two oils that have helped me the most are Bergamot (also a grief releasing oil) and weirdly enough Motivation.

Motivation is a blend that as the name implies, helps the mind and body stop procrastinating get after it. What’s funny is the oils in this one are more calming and relaxing- Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Spruce. I felt powerfully drawn to this oil. Even now as I type this, the bottle is open and I’m constantly picking it up for a quick drop.

So why would that combo of oils #1 release physical and emotional fear and #2 why would it ever motivate someone? You might think it’s a good bedtime oil. I mean, at least I think that.


See, fear causes the blood vessels to tighten- hence why people can have heart attacks from unexpected shock and fear. Oof… there’s a red flag if I ever read one. Tighten blood vessels restrict the amount of oxygen and nutrients that can reach to our cells. A lack of oxygen can cause the body to move slower, seize up or become sloth like.

Hopefully you are making the connection I’ve made between the 4 powerhouse chill out oils to releasing fear and then subsequently cause one to once again feel as though they can conquer the world.


So where does one apply this if they are ridding the body of fear?

Good question.

For me, I feel it in my chest and kidneys. By the way, the kidneys are responsible for how we problem solve and view the world.

This is where tapping into your intuition, the pineal gland, or as the Hebrews call it in the brain- your holy of holies is key. The pineal glad is responsible for listening to the voice of our Creator and allowing you to hear. This is that “inner knowing”.

In any case, it's important to listen and hear where has fear landed in your body. It’s one of those emotion that is pretty indiscriminate and just takes up residence in any ol’ weak organ.

Once you start a practice of applying this, journal.

Journal out the fears, ask the Lord to take each one away, one by one. I know, I know, we’re suppose to cast our cares to Him because He cares for us, but sometimes I just need Him to take it. He’s a perfect Father. He will meet us where we are, or He’ll give us the strength to give it to Him. Either way, you get the idea.

Once you’ve exhausted the list, and given it to the Lord, ask for a truth to seal in. If there are 365 verses in scripture that say “do not fear”, I guarantee there are 365 “because” statements that directly follow or come right before. See, when someone quips “do not fear” and say nothing else, that is a half truth. Well, it’s a lie because there’s no such thing as half truth.

For example- and this is one of my favorites especially after Mark heading over to heaven- "Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

Isn’t it just like God to say twice “don’t fear” but then give five reasons why it’s safe to not be afraid?


As your brain begins the shift and change, keep inhaling Motivation throughout the days, keep speaking out loud truth so that if/when fear attempts to land there's nothing for it to stick to. The oil blend Motivation- that one oil, Spruce that’s nicely tucked in there, that is grounding. When you are grounded and rooted in the love of God, you my friend, are immovable and unshakable. You become like Teflon to fear and it just slips right off you.

Oh and Lavender? Many of us have fears because we feel abandoned. Lavender takes care of that lickety split and you begin to realize, you are never alone and though even your parents & closest friends may have abandoned you- God never has and never will.

Incidentally, courage is the opposite of fear. I would suggest affirmations surrounding having an immense amount of courage, dear friend.

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