Energy Shift

For the past 2 years, I have been learning different ways to shift my energy when I’m feeling off. In the past, when my energy was low, I would expect it to somehow correct itself, or worse yet, expect others to right my mood.

That didn’t work so well.

Perhaps you're like me, learning, growing and responding to new ideas and ways to do life better.

Some of my favorite shifters are~

-Music- good, high frequency music. In fact, we have asked our children to not listen to low vibe music, especially first thing in the morning. The right music can be healing.

- Food- nourishing foods, like fruits and vegetables, nuts and dark chocolate. Those foods not only raise your alkalinity, they raise your frequency and then of course, your mood. Sugar, meats and dairy bring your alkalinity down and the acidity in your cells up. When shifting your mood it's best to choose foods that come from the ground.

-Exercise- these past few months have been different for exercise. My typical exercise consists of a 4 mile walk along the beach. What a joy to raise my endorphins and get grounded while walking on the beach.

- Essential Oils and affirmations- speaking words of life, out loud combined with essential oils shifts my mindset completely. Adding these two mood lifters in a roller bottle, crystals too if your crystal savvy, will go a long way to shifting your energy to more positive and life giving.

What are some of your recipes for success in energy shifting?


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