Emotions Are a BIG Deal

Recognize that and you'll thrive in any area of life...No matter what comes your way.

Everyone knows citrus oils can uplift and make a sunny day even on the cloudiest one, while lavender can unwind the stress of even the most frantic moment. After all, we choose our oil and our experience.

Yet few understand that emotions play a significant part in how people (and animals) think and feel and then, respond on a daily basis. Much of our responses or reactions are programmed from early experiences and is stored on a subconscious level. Ever wonder why something someone does always seems to push the right button? In emotion coaching we call that a trigger.

Depending on whether that experience was positive or negative will determine the response since emotions are directly tied in with our senses. As a matter of fact, our nose is hard wired to our brain which means that you smell something and it will solicit an immediate memory or response. But this can also happen if you see something or hear something.

It is important to understand emotions and how they affect the limbic system of the brain before you start to use essential oils for emotions and especially ifyou're using oils for emotional release.

Young Living has over 300 different oils for emotions alone and knowing that, I typically recommend folks go with a pro blend rather than cherry pick singles. But, emotional healing isn't a one size fits all so if you do not have a blend, only singles- by all means, pick away!


Stress/Fear – Use oils for calming, relaxing and grounding emotions.

Here are a few examples:





Stress Away

Over the adrenal glands and brain stem is best for any or all of these.


Regret/Grief – Use oils that are uplifting and that will support the body in releasing it by opening of the heart and center of the body.

Here are a few examples:



Palmasrosa- see the search section in this group for this one, WOW!!!



Over the heart is best practic efor application.


Anger/Rage/Hate – Use oils that will release negative emotions and can assist a person deal with anger.

Here are a few examples:

German Chamomile (anger eradicator)



Juva Cleanse (for those who have anger issues, you gotta get that mess out that has built up)

Peace & Calming


Over the liver is the best application


Hard Circumstances/Abandonment Issues – Use oils that will release negative emotions of abandonment. Support people and animals (if you have adopted a pet, they have abandonment issues) that have come from homes where they received little support or poor treatment.

Here are a few examples:

Lavender (I mean. Lavender is the go to for everything, especially abandonment!)


Trauma Life

Purification (fear of being alone)


T-Away (if not on hand, you can use Trauma Life for your animals)


Courage/Confidence – Use oils that will release emotions of defeated, victim and worthless. Here are a few examples:



Tanger ine (oh my word, so amazing for children!!)



In general, no matter what emotions I am staring down at, oils are hands down the best way to snap my mind back to truth. Even simply Peppermint causes my brain to get into proper focus and align with the truth.

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