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The eyes are the window to the soul.

If this is true, wouldn't you agree it's of utmost importance to give special attention to our eyes?

The scriptures say that if your eyes are bad your whole body is full of darkness, yet, if our eyes are good, then our whole body is illuminated with light.

During the month of June, eye health and care are a primary focus for many. It's a warmer season, the eyes are not only staring at a computer screen all day, but on the weekends we tend to stare at the glorious sunshine! Well, perhaps not directly into it.

Young Living has carefully selected a supplement for exceptional eye care. If you haven't been introduced, allow me to present, IlluminEyes Eye and Skin Support Supplement. This supplement contains Lutein, Zeaxanthin ( powerhouse when it comes to internal sunscreen) and Vitamins A, C and E. Each of these reduce eye deterioration and protect eyes from damaging light, increases macular pigment optical density and protects and maintains proper eye health. When used daily these ingredients work synergistically to support healthy skin and eyes thanks also to the wonderful properties of wolfberry powder and acerola cherries. In today's world with constant eye strain from computers, cell phones and environmental contaminants, maintaining proper eye health is not only needed but necessary.

There are a number of benefits from taking IllumiEyes daily, including;

  • Support skin strength and durability

  • Maintains healthy looking skin

  • Increases macular pigment optical density

  • May help reduce eye health deterioration associated with age

  • Supports reduction of eye fatigue and eye strain

  • Protects eyes from damaging blue light

Remember, supplements are crucial because they feed the cells within the body.


And essential oils are important because they heal and repair the cell membrane and assist the brain in processing information properly.

Carrot Seed is an essential oil single that pairs nicely with the supplement IlluminEyes, particularly if you are diligently focused on exceptional eye health. Carrot seed oil might not be your first pick for aromatherapy yet it can find its way into more common blends to help boost efficacy and create incredible wellness across the board. Carrot Seed essential oil has a natural SPF of 35-40. It it a key ingredient in many natural sunscreens. Many find it useful in sunscreen formulations due to the antioxidant benefits is can provide to the skin when it’s been exposed to sun. Carrots have long been known to boost vision thanks to high levels of carotenoids, the vitamin A precursor. Including plenty of carrots and other carotenoid rich vegetables, especially those that are yellow and orange, in the diet is important for eye health (among many other benefits, of course).

Carrot seed essential oil carries similar protective benefits, though not via beta-carotene. One source I enjoy for a breakdown of nutritional benefits has this to say:"Intake of geranyl acetate – one of the phytonutrients that is present in carrot seeds (and sometimes extracted from purified carrot seed oil) has also been repeatedly associated with reduced risk of cataracts in animal studies. "

Disclaimer: Science doesn’t quite know how to maximize these benefits, so enjoying carrot seed essential oil in your normal inhalation methods or culinary preparations should simply give you peace of mind that you’re contributing to vision health among other wellness efforts. Young Living offers a Vitality Carrot Seed oil for internal consumption. For safety, don’t use essential oils as eyedrops.


While we are on the topic of Vision, let's have a glance at one of favorites hear in the Healing Haven, Envision essential oil blend. Envision is a blend designed to awaken and inspire your dreams and goals. So many in our world have lost the ability to dream, to catch a vision. This oil blend will help release any blocks that are hindering you from moving forward and allow you to embrace the future. If giving procrastination the boot and welcoming motivation is your desire; Envision blend is your next oil of choice. Step out of the left brained mentality for a moment, into the right brain, and allow your creativity to flow like a river.

Purchase your trio of eye care, here!

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