Do Better

As you all know I was a hairdresser for a little over 100 years. During that time I excelled at people watching and listening. One thing I hear and see now is unnecessary illness and conditions. I started doing some digging, sent out a survey for a few of our members and gathered some data. Many folks thought using the plants/herbs/oils/supplements was just too overwhelming. I get that. It's different.

Except, it made me want to have a full blown come apart because, that tells me, people are just in give up mode. It tells me that our culture, our medical community has brainwashed us so much that to attempt to utilize the tools and healing God has set up thousands of years ago, is just too overwhelming. I mean, for real? If the ancient people of civilization healed all the things and cleansed all the things without just what God gave them, how the hell is it so complicated for us now? For the love of all things, we sent someone to the moon!

So here's my request- Will you please go get a textbook on the human body? A freaking google search will show you a whole bunch of info! Just a quick read to understand how it works so that you can decide for yourself, rather than just believe what some person with letters after their name tells you. Don't just give up on the means that God set in place thousands of years ago because it's "hard".

During the cancer years with our son, oh I have many stories of how they screwed up on his little body, yet I'll share this one. Six months after his first surgery he had a swollen lymph node under his arm, on the cancer side of his body. "we better remove it!" Geez, don't docs have any other ideas? Turns out, that rouge lymph node was just drainage from the previous surgery. You people following me? Those guys could have said, "hey, let's give it 48 hours, do some hot packs under his arms and see if it doesn't go down". No. Why would we try a natural method? Let's just completely alter the lymph system on that side so he has a bunch of nonsense for the rest of his life. Good call.

See my point? Had I been more educated, had I TRUSTED myself and my wisdom that God had already given me, we could have spared my son the trauma of yet another surgery, meds, and all the crap.

Guys, I'm weary of watching so many of you still sick. I for real care and long to see everyone thrive! Don't take the easy give up way. Trust me, on this side of health, it's beyond better.


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