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Did You Know This?

In my recent research on Frankincense, I stumbled across a pubmed article that I was shook!

The headline of the article read “Aromatherapy blend of thyme, orange, clove bud, and frankincense boosts energy levels in post-c0\/1d-nineteen female patients”.

Knowing we had an oil that had those four essential oils in them, I jumped over to the Young Living website and sure enough, there it was- Longevity.

Now word on the street is many have been finding phenomenal results with their skin from Longevity by taking 8 drops in a capsule each evening. My results are still pending, but so far, I’m loving how my skin is looking. In addition, Longevity is proving to be quite the lovely little immune supporter.


And now, this finding. Here, see for yourself and go share this information with your people.

Chances are, one or more has some residual energy level issues from the scourge that could use some help.

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