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December Gifts with Young Living

Young Living is committed to helping families transform their wellness, and their homes. In this group, I am committed to sharing education surrounding those offereings that Young Living gives in order to make tranformation happen in your homes!

This month's gifts with purchase from Young Living are the perfect collection that helps you make some of the most impactful transitions.

Cheers to clean living!

300pv Tier

Peace & Calming


Super C Tablets

Thieves Cleansing Soap

Thieves Wipes

Valor (Loyalty Rewards Exclusive)

10 Loyalty Points (Loyalty Rewards Exclusive)

250pv Tier


Super C Tablets

Thieves Cleansing Soap

Thieves Wipes

Valor (Loyalty Rewards Exclusive)

10 Loyalty Points (Loyalty Rewards Exclusive)

190pv Tier

Thieves Cleansing Soap

Thieves Wipes

Valor (Loyalty Rewards Exclusive)

10 Loyalty Points (Loyalty Rewards Exclusive)

100pv Tier

10 Loyalty Points (Loyalty Rewards Exclusive)


PEACE and CALMING essential oil blend 15ml

This blend is the perfect way to wind down after a long day of greeting the elements of life. Diffuse to transform your room in a quiet spa-like atmosphere or apply topically to shoulders, neck and chest. Need a little assistance falling into slumber? Don't forget to take Peace & Calming to bed with you!

FROM THE FARM: Ylang Ylang shares the main stage with Patchouli in this blend. Ylang Ylang flowers must be hand-picked with the utmost of care. Each flower must be delicately turned over to ensure it is ready for harvest, if so, it is collected in a basket and taken to the distillery for immediate distillation. A special distiller was designed for Ylang Ylang and the delicate process of extraction it requires in much smaller batches than more traditional plants such as lavender.

• Peace & Calming is a blend comprised of:

Ylang Ylang Orange Tangerine Patchouli Blue Tansy

Ways to use Peace & Calming;

• Diffuse this in every room for an absolute serene environment

• Dab it on the back of your neck

• Gently pet your anxious or stressed out dog with a drop or two rubbed in your palms

• Calm “full of energy” littles from the excitement of the day with a gentle massage, or by diffusing

• Massage topically to help calm down overworked and overactive legs before bed

• diffuse to help fall, and stay asleep

• apply to bottom of feet to ease feelings of worry, and anxiousness

*if using Peace & Calming has the opposite effect of calming for you, apply a few drops of Harmony essential oil blend just above the navel, wait a few moments, and then try again. Harmony brings the body back into balance.

AROMATIC NOTE: soft citrus is held in a base of patchouli

PAIRS WELL WITH: lavender (for sleep), chamomile (for calming)


• 2 Cups of Flour

• 2 Tbsp of Oil (any oil will do, coconut oil, vegetable oil, even olive oil)

• 1/2 Cup of Salt

• 2 Tbsp Cream of Tartar

• 1 1/2 Cup Boiling Water

• 15 drops Peace & Calming

• Gel Food Coloring or jell-o mix (Optional)


EN-R-GEE essential oil blend 15ml

As the name implies, this essential oil blend is carefully crafted to give you the maximum energy needed for any everyday task!

En-R-Gee is an energizing blend of Rosemary, Juniper, Lemongrass, Nutmeg, Balsam Fir, Clove, and Black Pepper has a spicy-woodsy scent and is perfect for early morning, your gym routine, or any time you need to feel rejuvenated!

This blend increases alertness and circulation in the body helping to improve one's energy without the over-stimulation you would get from caffeine or an energy drink loaded with stimulants that overload your body system.


• Apply topically in the morning, or mid-day (before 1pm) to the adrenals (right above your kidneys) • Apply to the bottom of your feet in the morning before you hit the ground running • Want to feel like you had the most amazing night's sleep, even if you didn’t? Apply En-R-Gee to the bottom of your feet, Awaken to the temples, and Clarity to the back of your neck

AROMATIC NOTE: this is quite possibly, one of the most curious blends I have ever experienced. A first assumption would leave you thinking there is a floral present, but there is not. Juniper and rosemary mingle with fall herbs and winter woods to bring the most refreshing aroma that sits on top the crispness of lemongrass.

PAIRS WELL WITH: Motivation (essential oil blend) PowerGize (supplement), Pure Protein (meal replacement for increased endurance)


VALOR essential oil blend 5ml

Have you ever been in a position that required a little extra dose of courage?

Valor was formulated with courage in mind.

Courage is required to dream, to ask, to believe, to pursue.

Courage is required to think, to change, to embrace, to evolve.

Courage is required to live our most incredible life to the fullest.

Courage is required to discover wellness within.

Courage is required to embrace our purpose


Courage is very much required to believe abundance, in every area of life, is within our reach.

The very pillar of Young Living's vision for us. Gary wanted all of us to experience Wellness, Purpose and Abundance.

Friends, it awaits you. All of it, and so much more. Confidently know that, and you will stand stronger.


• apply to spine after adjustment to hold your alignment strong

• apply to shoulders and bottom of feet for grounding and emotional balance.

• apply to bottom of feet at night for a more "silent" and restful sleep (either for you, or your partner)

• Apply 6 drops of Valor on bottoms of feet to help increase oxygen and blood flow

• To balance left and right brain, put oil on left fingers and rub on the right temple or put oil on right fingers and rub on left temple.

AROMATIC NOTE: the softness of Geranium quickly sweeps into winter wood and the deep base of frankincense and Blue Tansy.

PAIRS WELL WITH: White Angelica

Wisdom from Gary Young, founder of Young Living:

collected from lectures, recordings, and the D. Gary Young Blog

"Why did I create this formula? The essential oils in Valor were used by the Roman soldiers before battle to promote courage during a time of physical and emotional challenges. All of us go through physical and emotional challenges. I made this blend in 1990 because at that time I was having a confrontation with the IRS, and I had to go to Seattle for the hearing. I was representing myself in court because I couldn’t afford an attorney. I was really scared. I’d never been in a court with the IRS before; this was a first experience.

I made Valor the night before, poured it in the tub, and then bathed in it. At that time I was living in Spokane where I had a little farm I was starting. I drove to Seattle, stayed in a motel, got up, went into the hearing that morning and presented my case. They made me feel like I was less than dirt. But I stood my ground and argued my points, and then I left. Two weeks later I got a certified letter in the mail announcing to me: Mr. Young, we’ve heard your case, we’ve reviewed it, we have accepted your presentation, and we have dropped our issues against you. So I won on all 42 counts. That was a big accomplishment for me. So, Valor became very, very dear to me and has been a very powerful oil blend ever since."

Valor is superb for balancing the body, for empowering.

Valor at the bottom of the feet, up the spine. Valor balances physical, emotional and mentally. It facilitates everything else that you do, keeps you at peace and balance and aligns the skeletal system.


You will never look at applying Valor the same way ever again, after watching this!

SUPER C Supplement Tablet

• 650 mg vitamin c

• 1,440% recommended daily amount vit c

• contains zinc

• ideal for strong immune function

We know we should have Super C in our daily regimen for immune system support. Ahh yes, Vitamin C for immune support but did you know, it is necessary for the growth, development, and repair of body tissue as well? Did you also know…

• Aids in the formation of collagen

• Helps the body absorb iron

• Helps maintain cartilage, bones, and teeth

• Strengthens the body's natural defenses

• Helps to relax the blood vessels that carry blood to the heart

• Helps to protect your memory

True Story….

But an even lesser known benefit is how Super C goes to work (like little soldiers!) clearing out cellular clutter in the mind and in our connective tissues. And when this "clutter" is cleared out, you will be oh so pleased at improved flexibility.

And that, my friends, is freedom.

What makes Super C so awesome? Two tablets contain 1440% of our Daily Recommended Value of Vitamin C (don’t worry, it’s super easy on the tummy) and these tablets are fortified with rutin, biotin, bioflavonoids and trace minerals. Without the addition of bioflavonoids, Vitamin C struggles to get into our cells and work their magic, and without proper electrolyte balance, Vitamin C will not stay in the cells for long enough.

In a nutshell:

• aids at a cellular level to help bind all of the supplement benefits together

• hydrates cells

• vitamin c

• immune strength

THIEVES Wipes + THIEVES Cleansing Soap

These are the perfect way to take a little Thieves goodness on the go and sometimes you need to WIPE the gunk off the surfaces, hands, anywhere. These are great for highchairs, cars, door handle and pretty much all the things that get touched.

Formulated free of petrochemicals, mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, dyes, preservatives, or toxic ingredients - you can feel good about using these on yourself and those you love.

Thieves Bar Soap;

Have you ever felt like: "I could really just BATHE in Thieves right now?" Well, with this thieves cleansing soap - you can! Thieves® Cleansing Soap combines Young Living's signature Thieves premium essential oil blend with other natural botanicals to cleanse and purify skin. You can use this to scrub down, and it’s also great for laundry stains! Great for travel too - slice a piece off and take it with you for your next trip.

Below is a little more in depth information about toxins and why we stay clear of them in our home:

Conventional sanitizing wipes = Isopropyl Alcohol Conventional soaps = Triclosan Both = toxic storm Let’s not forget sodium lauryl sulfate, peg stearates, propylene, and fragrance just to name a few but let’s start at the core, shall we?

ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL You may see many people sharing about using isopropyl alcohol as a sanitizer base right now. Even people who strongly advocate a chemical free lifestyle. It's a reality that fear really can alter our better judgment. You should never have to trade your health, for a solution. There are always options.


Isopropyl Alcohol does not belong in your home and it most certainly does not belong on your body or spritzed into the air around you. What's more, it poses an incredible danger when you start mixing this highly volatile compound, with other high flash point constituents.

This is a very well put together article on the known dangers of isopropyl alcohol INCLUDING *poisoning* via INHALATION!

OSHA has assigned Isopropyl Alcohol with the following classifications: (the following is direct from OSHA)

HEALTH HAZARD 2 0=normal 1= slightly hazardous 2= hazardous 3=extreme danger 4=deadly

FIRE HAZARD 4 (flash point) 0=will not burn 1=above 200f 2=below 200f 3=below 100f 4=below 73f

EXPOSURE ROUTES: inhalation, ingestion, skin and/or eye contact

SYMPTOMS: irritation eyes, nose, throat; drowsiness, dizziness, headache, dry cracking skin; in animals: narcosis

TARGET ORGANS eyes, skin, respiratory system


SKIN: prevent skin contact EYES: prevent eye contact WASH SKIN: when contaminated REMOVE: when wet (flammable)

FIRST AID: EYE: irrigate immediately SKIN: water flush BREATHING: respiratory support SWALLOW: seek immediate medical attention


TRICLOSAN: Conventional Soaps also include an ingredient called “Triclosan” which is among one of the most toxic ingredients used in the market. Already banned in Europe and APAC, this ingredient has quickly made headlines due to its impact on aquatic and human life. Triclosan is a known carcinogen of which the U.S. has yet to ban. In 2016 Mn Gov Mark Dayton banned the use of Triclosan for Minnesota production facilities due to the adverse impact on the environment. Later came the awareness of the effect on the human body.

All of us at the Healing Haven hope you enjoy this month, this season and the rest of your 2022! May you thrive in wellness, purpose and abundance in the new year!

Cheers to your health!


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