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December Gifts From Young Living

all is calm and all is certainly transformed

We who have been with Young Living know that December is the most generous month for Essential Reward gifts! And this December does not disappoint!

This season Young Living is offering the most perfect gifts to ensure our health stays optimal and our vision is in crisp clear focus. One of the best parts about the Essential Rewards subscription program is that it is a perfect way to curate your own powerhouse of essential oil collections.


FRANKINCENSE 15ml essential oil value $103.29 Frankincense is an ancient, holy oil of transformation and so perfect during this month.

  • With its high frequency of 147 MHz, it seems to help us soar beyond that which may try to weigh us down.

  • It is wonderful for encouraging deep cleansing breaths, and reconnecting with our Creator God. (Diffuse in any room of the house, but especially where you do yoga, pilates, prayer, or meditation.)

  • It is also highly prized for its rejuvenating effects on skin. Young Living uses Frankincense in its ART Skincare Products, all of which I have used daily with great delight. For those of us over 40, you understand the desire for taut skin, Frankincense fits the bill.

  • Feeling anxious? Massage Frankincense onto the bottoms of your feet and visualize yourself aligned with the energy of this beautiful earth. If you have the vitality version, you can also enjoy a few drops under your tongue to usher in the calm.

Now gather the vision of yourself rising above low-frequency emotions that do not serve you. Gently leave them behind!

CERAMIC MINI DIFFUSER PLATE exclusive promotion only item How fabulous is this?! Bring transformation power with you anywhere you go! No need for electricity here, simply place a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto the ceramic diffuser plate and let the aroma of your favorite oil transform the very space you are in.

BREATHE AGAIN exclusive promotion only size: 15ml essential oil blend value compare at $36.18 Comprised of four varietals of Eucalyptus, Laurus Nobilis, Rose Hip, Peppermint, Copaiba, Myrtle, and Blue Cypress, Breathe Again is for more than a breath of fresh air.

  • A wonderful companion to help tired muscles “breathe again.” As you can see from the ingredients, this is a powerful blend of transformational healing.

  • Diffuse to help clear the mind, and awaken the senses to new ideas while you move forward with a new found clarity!

  • With its blend of most invigorating single essential oils, you can inhale, or diffuse to alleviate restriction.

NORTHERN LIGHTS BLACK SPRUCE 5ml essential oil value $33.55 The ancestors of the Lakota Indian tribe in South Dakota would travel North across the Canadian border to experience the wonders of the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. They would breathe this light and electromagnetic energy into their bodies, which they believed healed ailments and disease. ~ Angela Burgin, LMT, Reiki Master

Well then, it is no wonder that one cannot help but feel an instant surge of emotional healing when applying a drop of Northern Lights Black Spruce, grown at our Young Living Fort Nelson Farm. This oil comes from trees bathed in the magnificence of The Northern Lights. When I reach for this bottle, I like to think that the incredible frequency of the Aurora Borealis is perfectly delivered to me with each drop I apply as I declare my strength and confidence. By the way, this was the last farm and distillery that our founder, D. Gary Young, built, making it a true legacy oil.

  • Create a heightened sense of wellbeing and confidence

  • Apply to overworked and tired muscles for a soothing feeling of relief

  • Diffuse during yoga, prayer or meditation

  • Craft a grounding room spray or diffuser cocktail 3 drops Northern Lights Black Spruce 3 drops Sacred Mountain 3 drops Pine 1 drop Vetiver







  • VALUE $210.59






  • VALUE $107.30





  • VALUE $77.30

100PV orders will receive FREE SHIPPING *for an additional discounted fee, you can upgrade your shipping for faster arrival

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