Come On White People

When I go to a friend’s house, if they have a short driveway, with two cars to the house, I park on the street.

If I visit a friend who has a driveway that’s about .10 of a mile long, I pull straight on in, perhaps when I speak with my friend, say something like-“hey am I blocking anyone?”

We’ve had some new-ish friends hangout a lot at our home. Had meals, swam in the pool, throwing parties. Yet, they park on the street.

Across the street.

I couldn’t figure out why, mostly because no one ever comes in the front entrance, you know everybody goes through the kitchen. 😂

So I ask.

“Because white people have told us we can’t park in their driveway.”

Not- “oh we didn’t want to block someone in”, or, “we weren’t sure if someone else might live in that little house”.

~White people have told my precious friends they are not allowed to park. in. the. driveway. ~


There’s still work to be done my friends.


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