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Clearing Chakras

As we begin a new month, a new year, assessing our physical, emotional and spiritual health is of utmost importance.

Something few really discuss is clearing out blocked chakras, also known as energy centers.

Chakras or energy centers are found in the mid-line of the body, from the crown of the head to the pubic bone, front and back of the body. Beginning with the first chakra at the pubic/tailbone and ending with the crown, literally on the top of the head- everything else is found in between these two points on the middle of the body.

Emotions are projected and received through the energy that is transmitted through these chakras/energy centers, depending on what emotions are at play. Once an emotion is created or accepted into our field of energy, it will move throughout the body through the meridian system which consists of energy channels that feed all of our glands organs and body systems in general.

Because our emotions have vibrational frequencies, they tend to accumulate in different organs based on those frequencies or resonance that have that same frequency. Hence why certain emotions are associated with certain areas of our bodies and how the chakra/energy system is connected to it all!

These energy centers influence our lives and well being more than most people realize. For example, if you have a sticky emotion that is related to your throat chakra, you may be unable to communicate as effectively as you would hope. Or if the root chakra is blocked because of abandonment issues or being a near constant stat of survival mode, you may not being able to have strong, intimate and meaningful relationships.

In addition, essential oils, frequencies specific to the chakra, when used with careful intention and prayer, will release block chakras and subsequently trapped negative emotions, allowing you to move into a more healthy and thriving life.

Below you will find the 7 different chakras, how to clear them out and then begin your healing process.


To begin with, our Root Chakra. I mean, why not begin from the ground up? In a season of curiosity of our life choices, evaluating them and readjusting where needed, it seems appropriate to address all of our chakras. The amount of clearing and healing you do is totally individual- some prefer to clear everything all at once, some choose rather to focus on the one that is most troubling and go from there. No matter what you choose, use these guides to help determine what's right for you. The root chakra/energy center is literally our base of survival. It is located at the base of the spine, at the pubic bone in the front of the body and at the tailbone in the back of the body. The color associated with this center is red and our sense that is most affected by this one is our sense of smell. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Fall is the most optimal time to heal this sense as it is associated with our lungs. Yet, the root chakra itself can and should be healed and cleared at any time of the year.

Influences: • Your sense of safety • Your sense of primal security • Your ability to adapt, change, and grow • Your sense of groundedness

The root chakra/energy center is primarily influence by how safe we feel in terms of primal needs such as food, sleep, shelter, our sense of future security, and acceptance in our family, community, or tribe of choice.

We are wired for survival and our brain is constantly looking out for safety or if we are in danger. In our modern culture and living in the West as many of us do, we do not need to always be on the lookout for threats, as perhaps our ancestors before us did. However, this instinct kicks in a bit when we choose security of a steady job, for example, over the potential risk of the unknown into a job that is our dream. Healing the root chakra and receiving instruction from the spirit of the Lord will help us to feel the safety we all crave and know when true danger is around versus mental threats. A healed root chakra allows us to have clear discernment from an actual risk rather than projecting deep rooted mistrust, or past trauma or programming beliefs onto present selves, our children or those around us. These blocks tend to hold us back from the purpose and dreams God has for us and walking into what we are designed to do in life.

When this area is healed, or unblocked, we learn to trust that the Lord will provide and that HE has and is an abundance of supplies, resources, and opportunities specific to us. We will feel calm, relaxed and able to enjoy the everyday happenings around us.

There are quite a few essential oils which can help clear the root chakra and bring healing to this emotional area of ourselves. The ones shown here are my top four favorites, however.

Cedarwood is my first and foremost oil of choice when dealing with anything related to the root chakra. Cedarwood deals with survival mode mentality beautifully as it is incredibly grounding. It roots us to the earth and helps you welcome the feeling of being completely safe and secure with who you are, as well as in your environment. It's like a warm energetic hug. SARA is an oil blend that also helps open and heal the root chakra, especially if there has been abuse of any kind in a person. Abuse creates a feeling of instability and insecurity, SARA will release that when used with intention and over time. Release is an oil that is honestly amazing for opening all the energy centers and healing much of our emotional wounds and traumas. Release gives the opportunity to release old energies and supports you in moving forward, whether it's more emotional and chakra healing or in life in general.

Tones of frequency are as important as other healing modalities we use because our sense of sound is connected to memories, similar to how the sense of smell is. The note associated with this energy center is C & C#. Listening to music in this key and frequency is as important as using essential oils and speaking out affirmations. As you play the note of C, C#, you'll want to take deep cleansing breaths so that your cells are receiving adequate amount of clean oxygen.


The next energy center we have to share is the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra holds our place of creativity, sense of self, and intimacy. It takes the sense of identity that we’ve found within our root chakra discovered in the root chakra and then encourages us to share our gifts with others. We find our creativity, gifts and talents emerge from this place. When these are expressed from a whole and healed state, one that is from the Lord, it causes us to bring our unique gifts, identity, and the way we think from the spiritual realm into the physical. In the root chakra, we found our self esteem and worth. In the sacral, we now harness that and pursue our desires- to go and get our purpose and release trauma and pain from our past.

Influences: • Creativity & fluidity • One-on-one relationships & intimacy • Sexuality • Joy & pleasure

The sacral chakra is huge in the way we relate to others, particularly in intimate relationships. When our sacral chakra is cleared, we are able to be vulnerable with another person and give to others freely. When we fear judgement from others, we may be less likely to follow our hearts and plan the things we know deep down we were meant to do. Oftentimes we fret and worry about what others might say about our choices, what they may think of us. It can be difficult to muster up and “I don’t care what others think of me” with a sacral charka that is blocked. In addition, we are hard pressed to be taught by the spirit of wisdom and so leaning into the Lord becomes increasingly challenging as well. In a family setting, for example, some may overcommit to too many activities all so that the children can fit in to those around them. There can be a lack of down time for fear that we may look odd because our plates aren’t overflowing with busy-ness.

The tones associated with this energy center is D & D#. Remember, listening to healing sounds will be one more modality that will fryer your emotional healing as well as unblocking areas in your life that were previously stuck.

Symptoms of a blocked Sacral Chakra: • Lack of creativity or interest in creativity • Low self worth • Lack of motivation and inspiration • Addictive behaviors • Inability to create intimate connections • Depression • Urinary/reproductive issues • Low libido • Hormone imbalances • Hip injuries or tightness

As with all the chakras, there are a myriad of essential oils that are suited to deal with the emotions related to them, yet in order to narrow it down, these three are ideal for clearing out emotions and blocked sacral. Tangerine is a gentle oil that supports us in embracing change, something that is needing when healing our emotion body. It also releases old programming that prevents us from seeing our goals realized and instills confidence so that we can pursue what we were designed to do.

Orange is another one that is key in clearing our sacral and healing the negative emotions associated with that blockage. Orange releases self judgment, obsessions and fears so the emotional body can be restored and balanced. When we release these negative and highly charged emotions we are able to see clearly again and make better choices that are suited to our design.

The one thing all humans crave is a deep connection to those around them. Perhaps the best ways to form those deep connections is to be connected to the One who knows us best and can heal it all- our God. He offers the spirit of wisdom to guide us and bring us up to speed in the area of creativity and sexuality. Once this is unblocked and healed, everything will feel as though it is falling into place.


In keeping with our series on chakra/energy center healing, it's important to be reminded of what this is and why we'd want to give it careful attention. Energy centers are found in the mid-line of the body, from the crown of the head to the pubic bone, front and back of the body. Emotions are projected and received through the energy that is transmitted through these chakras/energy centers, depending on what emotions are at play. Once an emotion is created or accepted into our field of energy, it will move throughout the body through the meridian system which consists of energy channels that feed all of our glands organs and body systems in general. And this is where our story begins for the solar plexus. You see, I have known an untold number of people who struggle with gut and digestive issues. I have often wondered if they had addressed their emotions, I mean, R E A L L Y looked into healing their soul, vs simply focusing on the physical. The thought got me to wondering what else is at play. After all, if you know that you are prone to worry, hence why you may have an uneasy digestive system, them one would think that simply removing the worry, healing that emotion would do the trick. Yet, emotions don't always play nice like that and once they get cozy and comfy, they tend to hang on for dear life, unless fiercely acted upon by all you can throw at them. The Solar Plexus is one that many seem to wrestle with, yet are completely unaware.

This energy center influences: • Independence & individuality • Confidence • Ambition & motivation • Self discipline • Courage & fearlessness

The solar plexus chakra is our “spiritual six pack”, our core, if you will. It influences everything related to our ambition and drive and keeps us motivated, disciplined, and makes us take action. It takes the sense of self from the sacral chakra and empowers us to pursue our goals and dreams without fear. The solar plexus chakra also helps us practice our self care because it established healthy boundaries between other people’s needs and our own.

In addition, the organs most affected by this energy center are the stomach, intestines, gallbladder, liver, pancreas and spleen. Fear and bitterness specifically resonate with these areas, as well as anger. That isn't to say those negative emotions can't find a home in other places, but generally speaking, if you have issues in any of these organs, you might want to look at dealing with potential bitterness, anger and/or fear. Emotional wellness holds a lot of moving parts as our bodies take clues from the soul and spirit. Seeing that we are spirit beings, it would stand to reason that the body is basically along for the ride, and, well, it's wise to care for our spirit and soul more than we would our physical bodies.

Understand too that solar plexus issues mess with our comfort zone. We may have the best laid plans and stuff just happens. When it does, we are faced with choices to throw in the towel and quit, or push through to the other side of greatness. After all, it’s been said that all greatness happens right outside your comfort zone. When the solar plexus is released and healed, we then have the energy, the mindset, and the needed confidence to push through and be open to new. In the spirit realm, this is where we can engage with the spirit of understanding and learn how to move past the natural world and into a more quantum field. Einstein was onto something.

The tones which help to correct this particular chakra is E. Listening to healing tones in this key, while using your essential oils, while breathing and releasing with intention will create a frequency trifecta like no other for energetic healing.

Symptoms of a blocked Solar Plexus Chakra: • Lacking goals or ambition • Full of dreams without plans • Feeling stuck or unable to follow through • Low self esteem • Increased need for control • Increased amounts of guilt • Trouble letting go of past mistakes • Issues with gut health • A superiority complex • Adrenal issues

And finally, the oils listed here are just three of several incredible essential oils able to clear and heal the solar plexus. The key is, using them with extreme intention, breathing in three times after application to the specific energy center and feeling both the negative and positive emotion. This will route out those sticky ones.


When it comes to healing and clearing our energy centers, there's likely no other one that is most affected by everyday life than the heart chakra. The heart chakra is a powerful force and takes a hit on the daily, especially for those who work with other people on a regular basis.

Influences: • Love • Compassion • Self reflection • Emotional growth & vulnerability • Trust

Heart Chakra doesn’t just represent love. It encourages us to love as our God loves, agape, unconditionally. It’s a love that is given without expectation and is not based on feeding our egos. Many believe this is like a bridge from our lower three chakras, and the upper. The lower chakras are known as the body chakras and the upper three are considered the mind chakras. It is also the bridge between the lower 3 chakras, known as the body chakras, and the upper 3 chakras, known as the mind chakras.

Symptoms of a blocked Heart Chakra: • Feeling a lack of empathy • Anger, paranoia, & trust issues • Feeling trapped in an un-loving relationship • Unable to let go of past wounds • Weakened immune system • A sense of loss or grief • Insomnia • Issues with heart health • Tightness in chest, shoulders, hands, and arms

Why Balancing the Heart Chakra is Important Releasing and healing a blocked heart chakra has many benefits, but one stands out to me the most. As an emotion coach, I find some folks tend to self sacrifice and have a severe lack of boundaries. The reasons vary, yet the results are the same. When healing this area, many find they are better able to create strong and health boundaries and cease playing the role of martyr.

The top essential oils that are key in clearing and healing the heart chakra are Peace and Calming, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli. These three individually used or layered over the heart center are two perfect ways to clear out negative emotions that have lodged in this space.

Speaking of emotions, the emotions that are most attracted to this center are; Anguish, loneliness, feeling of not enough, fear of intimacy, scattered, longing, wanting to please, weakness, greed, malice, oppressed, ridicule, trauma, drained, rigidity, miserable, hate, resentment, being indecisive, intimidated, and shame & embarrassment. This is quite an extensive list, which is why I share it. The heart is affected in so many ways, emotionally speaking. The Word of God states it beautifully- hope deferred makes a heart sick, but when it is fulfilled, it is a tree of life. When negative emotions occur in the body, if left unchecked, they can make us sick, especially in our hearts. Interesting when you look at the body system and organs affected by this energy center- the immune being one, the lungs another. This center is one to give careful attention to, and possibly consider making a daily “clearing” practice for this one. Listening to healing tones in the key of F, F# will also clear the path for the heart center for healing.


This is one Chakra you'll want to take action on. The truth is, our culture has attempted, quite sucessfully in some instances, to silence the voices of women. Shoot, the Church at large has done a stellar job of this and we are just now coming up for air and standing in our rightful place alongside the fellas. Yet, if you have a blocked throat chakra, or energy center as some prefer to call it, then all the self help books, memes and cathc phrases won't do any good. we must clear out the block in order to move gracefully forward.

The Throat Chakra influences: • Clarity • Communication • Expression • Honesty • How you handle conflict

This energy center helps us express our thoughts, feelings, and desires to those in our lives and ultimately to the world effectively. It also is greatly influenced by our heart chakra. Having a cleared and healed throat chakra enables us to speak truthfully, not beat around the bush all while maintaining a respectful attitude and mindset when someone else is sharing their point of view.

Symptoms of a blocked Throat Chakra: • Difficulty finding the words for what you want to say • Feeling misunderstood • Being secretive • Feeling unworthy of attention • Feeling unable to connect with people around you • Excessive hormone fluctuations • Chronic sore throat • Neck tension • Teeth grinding

In looking at all the possible issues that go on with a throat chakra that is blocked and unhealed, it would stand to reason that someone with this may find themselves having numerous throat infections. It’s interesting to note that children who grew up in a “children are seen and not heard” world, were also privy to having their tonsils removed due to massive amounts of throat infections. This isn’t based on hard facts or evidence, just an interesting observation since our tonsils are in fact a key body part in keeping us healthy. Seems odd they’d be removed before healing that part of the body emotionally.

Speaking of organs and health, the organs most affected by this energy center include the thyroid, neck vertebrae, esophagus, mouth, teeth and gums. The thyroid is responsible for releasing and controlling thyroid hormones that control our metabolism. In short, this little butterfly of a gland keeps our weight at a stable and healthy level. Something to note if you have had challenges keeping your weight in a healthy range.

There are numerous essential oils that will help clear and heal your throat chakra, but one that I believe it truly the best is Valor. It is actually a perfect oil from the root to the throat chakras, but for the throat in particular, it is a gem. It gives you courage to even consider clearing out negative emotions. Plus it’s already incredibly balancing and stabilizing, so used with intention over your throat will bring an extra measure of balance and healing!


The 3rd eye or, as the Hebrews call it, the holy of holies... So, this is a fun one. Fun if you're willing to let it become healed, yet a pesky nuisance if you choose to stay stuck with a blocked 3rd eye. As always, the choices are ours, but I do pray you hear me well and give careful attention to this one. It does rather influence most areas in our everyday life.

Influences: · Intuition · Wisdom · Visualization · Pursuit of greater purpose · Balance between logic & emotions

The 3rd eye Chakra is your place of Intuition. It bridges the conscious and subconscious mind, giving us the ability to and find true wisdom.

When we clear and heal the third eye, we are better able to tap into the discernment the Lord gives us. Many people find it challenging to hear God’s voice all because this area is blocked. In the physical, this energy center is responsible for the pituitary gland, our endocrine system, left eye and left brain, as well as the sinuses, nose and parts of the nervous system. It’s important as well to look at decalcifying the pituitary gland when you are seeking to clear out the 3rd eye energy center.

Also, just a fun fact and you may have noticed in the graphic, the ancient Hebrews have also called this the holy of holies. It’s a common thought that this area is sacred. Stands to reason, given that this is where we can hear clearly from the Lord, and where wisdom is experienced and realized. Not to mention visions of all kinds. I encourage you to consider this and proceed accordingly in treating the energy center. It also connects us to our deeper sense of purpose and shows us the big picture in our lives. When we see the whole picture, we can then scale it down to smaller manageable steps, all while keeping the end in mind.

Clear out the 3rd eye by implementing these steps: Practice visualization Get a good night’s sleep Massage your forehead Eat more dark chocolate to boost concentration and mental clarity. Eat more omega-3 rich foods to enhance cognitive function Healing tones in the key of A,A# assist in healing this energy center as well.

There’s a beauty to being able to wing it and just experience life in the moment and adapt based on your intuition. This is a challenge for those with a blocked 3rd eye chakra.

Symptoms of a blocked Third Eye Chakra: · Feeling a lack of purpose or significance · Indecisiveness or stagnation in life · Inability to tap into that “6th sense” · Lack of creative thoughts · Hormone issues · Brain fog or headaches · Sinus pain · Issues with pituitary health

The essential oils I have selected to share are 3 Wise Men, Inspiration and Dream Catcher. Dream Catcher enhances the dream state and helps us visualize goals and dreams we have. It also keeps our minds open while releasing negativity. Inspiration releases the negative emotions of paralyzed, fatigue and sluggish. It also helps us release "stuck" or feelings of being defeated. And then we have 3 Wise Men- this not only allows the release of negative emotions, but it can also bring calming and uplifting memory recall. 3 Wise Men opens the subconscious mind through opening the pineal gland in order to release deeply rooted trauma. Imagine as you are struggling to find the memory, any memory that will bring about change and a positive mindset, this oil aids in just that. As if that were not enough, 3 Wise Men will keep negative energy and negative emotions from reattaching to the body. This blend can create a protective bubble, as it were, in order to stave off energetic bombardment. Obviously I highly recommend the last one, though the other two are pretty cool blends for the 3rd eye as well.


The Crown

Basically, with our crown, is how everything flows in. If the crown chakra/energy center is blocked then having an energetic flow may be a challenge.

Before we dive into the nitty gritty, have a look at what potential symptoms of a blocked crown include: · Cynicism · Detachment from concerns or reality · Excessive or lack of spirituality · Loneliness & depression · Confusion about what to do · Hopelessness · Desire to oversleep · Poor coordination · Chronic tension headaches · Exhaustion

And here are what the crown influences most: · Trust in the faith · Interconnectedness · Flow from God · Inner peace · Excitement for life

I find most people who have a lack of faith, meaning, they just don’t believe anything, also have a blocked and unhealed crown energy center. Remember, these greatly affect our organs and physical body. In the case of our crown, the pineal gland, cerebrum, right brain, right eye and central nervous system are all affected by this energy center. The central nervous system is made up of the brain and spinal cord: The brain controls how we think, learn, move, and feel. The spinal cord carries messages back and forth between the brain and the nerves that run throughout the body. Obviously we want these working properly!

The crown chakra/energy center alsp hosts our spirituality or your faith in God. When we are connected to God, we are better able to see His view, experience His love and consequently, pour out that love onto a hurting world. Also, when we can fully trust the Lord, I mean, really understand who He is, and who He is not, we can live in such incredible peace and hope- we live in a place totally devoid of fears and concerns because we know that our God has our back. Imagine what that is like!

The oils for this one, in my opinion and research would be the same as for the 3rd eye chakra. Perhaps consider using Frankincense as a substitute as it is powerfully spiritual and opening.

The healing tone that corresponds with the crown energy center is in the key of B. Listen to this tone as you apply your essential oils to the crown, preferably in the evening before bed to enhance that listening potential as you sleep.


Congratulations!! You made it to the end of our chat on chakras! I hope you save this to your notes so that you can reference time and again. There is so much benefit from addressing our chakras and I pray you take this information and run with it!

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