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Citrus Spotlight

"You know who invented the twist, right? It was John D. Rockefeller. He was a germophobe, and citrus was a natural disinfectant, so Rockefeller always asked his bartenders to run a lemon peel around the rim of his glass." Author: Elin Hilderbrand

Citrus essential oils are everyone's favorite, yet at times I think they tend to be like an old shoe we take for granted. Kick it to the curb until you realize, no wait, that was my favorite and I actually do need it everyday!

Maybe essential oils aren't exactly like an old shoe, but you get my meaning.

Without further ado, spotlight the citrus collection of essential oils.

To begin with, let's observe a sweet and tart little friend, Bergamot. This one of course, as all citrus oils do, helps to maintain a calm and happy environment when diffused in unsettling times. Yet, did you know the Bergamot version also aids in digestion, supports the immune system, and stimulates hormone secretions, thereby helping to maintain proper metabolic rates? In addition to all of this, it also supports proper blood circulation which can also effectively create a feeling of freshness, joy, and energy! Yet, its calming effect can also aid in a great nights sleep.

God's perfect creation within the molecules of essential oils mirror that of tiny, oily warriors that fight for our well being in whatever area the body requires. The warriors in a scientific way to say it is adaptogens.

The fact that this one supports normal blood sugar, supports healthy skin and eliminates odor, is why we are seeing an influx of deodorants and perfumes containing this citrus powerhouse.


Lime is another delicious citrus essential oil that is also a must in every culinary expert's kitchen. Or, a non-expert for that matter. Affectionately considered the oil if "zest for life", Lime essential oil invokes a spirit of fun and playfulness. This is the ultimate in bad mood busting and tension easing essential oil! Besides offering that perpetual vacation mode, it also curbs the appetite during those munching moments.

Lime essential oil can be diffused in order to stimulate creative thinking.

Creative thinking... using your imagination...

Has it ever occurred to you that your imagination is used everyday, multiple times a day?

Are you using in a positive sense, or negative?

Are you imagining all the best possible outcomes and happenings?

If the answer is anything but a resounding YES, then perhaps it's time to shine a light on your citrus oils, specifically Lime, and begin to imagine fantastic things occurring in your day.

Just IMAGINE the possibilities...


Tangerine is a huge favorite in our household, yet I rarely share about this gem!Talk about your old shoe!

In my water for a delicious way to get all my ounces in.

Added to many diffuser recipes to ensure moods stay uplifted and strong.

Bedtime routine includes Tangerine as it is also sedating when energies run high.

Tangerine encourages us to lighten up emotionally, get out of our heads and be more spontaneous! In a world that has turned weird and serious I think it's high time we get out of ourselves and lighten up already. This essential oil is in a multitude of blends, including a fan favorite, Peace and Calming. Peace and Calming is one all children are drawn to as it is soothing to their busy minds.


Lemon is one everyone knows and loves. Even simply cracking open the bottle will usually pique someone's interested in saying, "what is that heavenly scent?" Lemon is a lovely aroma to diffuse in any environment and as mentioned with Bergamot, will assist each person in whatever they are requiring. This is the first oil you'll want to use every single day. It goes into your first glass of water to flush out your system and then added to that shot of Ningxia Red each morning. And for a quick mental pick me up- yep! It gets added to the office diffuser! Lemon essential oil is a fabulous must have several bottles for all the basic reasons we know and love. Did you also know Lemon is an emotional boost like you've never seen? Sunshine in a bottle being its nickname, and have a look below to see why.

Lemon dispels negative emotions such as;

being left behind


feelings of emptiness


regret (remember when I shared about this along my neck??)



Whatever the opposite emotion is that you desire to feel is, apply Lemon in the palm of your hands and IMAGINE feeling Joy, for example- breathe the oil in deeply for several breaths. Create a future memory to hold onto. Lemon has been sed by many of my emotion coaching clients to get out of a stuck feeling in a negative space. Feel like your mind is looping on an unhealthy pattern? Lemon, my friend.


If you're happy and you know it, it's your Orange!

It's true tho...

Orange essential oil is the oil of Abundance. It causes the mind to think in terms of wealth and true financial prosperity. Before any of you poo poo the idea that an essential oil can do that, may I submit to you that what you think about comes about. Your mind creates the season of life you find yourself in. Not your circumstances, but how you view your circumstances.

How many posts on social media did you see about how high gas prices were? You want to know what I thought?

"Thank you God that I have plenty of financial resources to pay the gas! Thank you God that it is NOT as high as it was in 2006, at $5 a gallon!"

My mind wasn't always this perky. And at times, I do not excel as I'd like. But I use my Orange oils daily to bring to mind all the blessings I have and command into my life. Oh yes, you read that right. I apply my Orange, or add it to the diffuser and declare "the blessing of God are now commanded to come to me!". I speak only what I want in my life, never a lack.

Orange essential oil also whitens your teeth, so add a drop on your toothbrush each morning and night. No need for toxic bleach.

Diffuse throughout your home or office to raise the spirits of those around you and create and environment of FUN!


Lemongrass, like most citrus essential oils has a wide array of uses, many unknown. It's one of the most inexpensive and powerful essentials oils yet we rarely give this treat its day in the sun.

A key oil in the blend Purification, Lemongrass is fabulous for purifying and deodorizing any and everything.

As mentioned in an earlier post, this guy will reduce pesky veins and cause the blood to flow in the way it was originally designed to. I'm in spot treatment mode...

On an emotional level, and friends, this is key- please hear me.

Nervousness, mental fatigue and resentment are all dissipated from breathing in Lemongrass. Resentment is a killer, a straight up killer of marriages, families, relationships in general, businesses, partnerships- oh my word- resentment will hold a person back like a dog on a chain. It's a biggie and yet so many are weighted down by this ugly emotion. How do I know? I wish you hadn't asked, but since you did, I had a front row seat to what resentment can do... in my own life. The world would say I have/had every right to be angry and resentful, yet, my body and purpose were like "nah, stop that."

Diffusing Lemongrass over and over, using it for joints that hurt (also a clear sign of resentment) allowed my brain to get use to the scent of Lemongrass, which, previously, I couldn't even stand. Hmmm... quelle suprí.

All of this to say, with the abuse stats and divorce stats as they are, I can only reason that there may be a handful in here battling resentment- on a physical level.

I'm a text/phone call/email away if you ever want to chat. I've shared a number of time that my life hasn't always been a bed of roses, lest anyone thing I have walked around with rainbows and butterflies.


Finally, we have our Grapefruit essential oil. One that most love and use in order to find weight reduction and management a breeze! The body, mind, and spirit benefits of Grapefruit oil are beautifully intertwined.

Physically, it is a weight-management superstar that energizes and sustains. Used aromatically, it is a bad-mood busting pop of bright citrus that uplifts the spirits and motivates action. Like all citrus oils, the uplifting aroma can help soothe feelings of sadness, anxiousness, or stress, all of which can negatively impact hormones and healthy weight management.

Emotionally, this oil supports a sense of self-love and approval, especially in regards to loving and honoring our bodies. It can help a person hold their body in gratitude for all it does, treating it with honor and care, and encouraging healthy habits and body confidence.

Each of these citrus oils are amazing individually as you can see. Pair them together with the recommended oils listed, and watch the world be lit up because of you!

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