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and it's delightful for all ages...

Recently I learned about this concoction and was stunned.

Shook, maybe is a better description.

Mostly because I have never thought that any beverage outside of alcohol could actually alm a person down when they were having a, well, episode.

When a charged emotion arises in you or a loved one, then quickly create this beauty and within minutes, instant calm.

Bergamot is key for releasing all manner of negative emotions, including grief and anxiety.

And, it causes MIneral Essence to taste amazing!


2 ounces Ningxia Red

5 drops Mineral Essence

2 drops Bergamot vitality essential oil


If you do not follow Chris Bowerbank YL on Facebook or Instagram, I highly recommend you do! I heard him speak this weekend and he shared so much information about our testing that frankly, I have zero clue why anyone would trust another essential oil company.

In any case, here is this week's write up from Chris on Bergamot.



From Chris-

Seed to Seal Science Pillar Question of the Day

Q: If the estimated #bergamot production in Italy is 150 metric tons (~150,000 liters or ~40,000 gallons) of essential oil per year, but the reported bergamot exports from Italy are 800(!) metric tons (~800,000 liters or ~210,000 gallons), how do they supply the missing 650 metric tons (~650,000 liters or ~170,000 gallons)? When there aren't enough 100% authentic, premium quality #essentialoils produced by growers, how do suppliers meet the demand?

A: They make more. How exactly do you make more bergamot if you don't grow more fruit?

Two primary methods:

1) dilute the current supply of pure bergamot oil with similar oils (like orange, tangerine, etc.) or other adulterants. When bergamot is diluted, #YL Quality Control laboratory analysis can detect when bergamot compounds are not present in the correct ratios or amounts, or when the oil doesn't have the physical properties (color, aroma, density, refractive index, optical rotation, etc.) that it should.

2) laboratory benchtop blending using individual compounds isolated from natural sources similar to bergamot, or from synthetic manufacturing. When these methods are used, often the resulting oils either do not have several of the naturally occurring compounds you find in premium essential oils, or have other properties that do not meet #YL specifications, and are quickly identified as adulterated.

We also have in place advanced laboratory analysis techniques including #Chiral chromatography and isotope ratio mass spectrometry (#IRMS) to protect against these and other methods of #Adulteration.

Young Living has built our reputation on only offering #premium quality essential oils, and have invested $millions in our laboratory oils authentication program (including creating #seedtoseal authenticated standards). Smaller EO companies don't have the resources we do and too often rely on someone else to verify the quality of their oils.

That's something #Gary never did because he wanted to know the quality of his oils firsthand. That #seedtoseal quality commitment is real and is reflected in every bottle of #yleo you receive.

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