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Two Supplements You Should Add Now

Unless of course, your diet is perfection.

When this was released two years ago at convention, I'll admit, I was underwhelmed.

Don't get me wrong, I love supplements, but I have always been of the mindset of "seriously, do you really need all those supps??"

The answer- yes and no.

There are truly a few basic supplements the body needs to thrive- Probiotic, Antioxidant, Multi-Vitamin, Fish Oil, Enzymes if your diet is meat and dairy heavy and Vitamin D."

That is all.

However, and this is a huge however, that's assuming your diet is riddled with nutrients, light on calcium leeching foods like dairy and rich with minerals etc to help your body heal and restore.

Enter, my need, though I'm remiss to admit it, for #Aminowise, and yes, #Megacal.

My diet isn't always perfection and I do get dehydrated because I spent 50% of my day outside at the beach and in my pool. Oh and it's super #humid...

Feeling under the weather these past few days made me realize I was dehydrated, even though I was drinking 192 ounces of water daily. Sometimes our bodies need help in the #hydration area, no matter how much water we consume. Aminowise helps with not only exercise and muscle recovery by reducing lactic acid and providing hydrating minerals, it will help in you average Joe or Jane when the weather is hot and drinking enough water isn't cutting it. For those exercising more , the antioxidant support increases production of nitric oxide and supports a healthy cardiovascular system, making recovery much quicker.

Why Megacal? I thought you'd never ask!

MegaCal Calcium Magnesium Supplement Powder is a powerful natural calcium supplement that contains magnesium and manganese benefits as well. Those two ingredients right there are why I take this over SuperCal. Taking a calcium supplement alone is not enough. It is important to have a balance of magnesium and other minerals including zinc and manganese for proper uptake of calcium. Low magnesium and calcium symptoms may include low energy and fatigue. Magnesium activates over 300 enzymes or more in the body and with calcium, is vital to healthy nerve and muscle functions and pathways. Here's the kicker, ready?

Magnesium has been shown to help support optimal sleep patterns. So it reduces fatigue if that is present, and keeps it at bay by promoting swell sleep.

My favorite recipes

  1. Daytime beverage-

  • 2 ounces of Ningxia Red

  • 1 scoop Aminowise

  • 3 drops Citrus Fresh Vitality

  • 4 ounces of filtered water

~shake well, and pour over ice

  1. Evening Wind Down beverage-

  • 2 ounces of Ningxia red

  • 1 scoop MegaCal

  • 1 drop each Lavender & Frankincense Vitality

  • 4 ounces of filtered water

~shake well, and enjoy while reading or quieting down for the evening

If rest, hydration and of course calcium is a requirement for your body, Aminowise and MegaCal would be a great addition to your supplement regime.

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