Be Your Own Advocate

In our world today we give way too much power to those with an entire alphabet after their name, deeming them all knowing as we sit helpless with a diagnosis.

When my son was diagnosed with cancer, I asked the pediatric rare cancer specialist if we could discuss diet to help beat the cancer. He blithely said “fruits and veggies couldn’t hurt”.

With that I knew I was dealing with a one trick pony and I would forever be my son’s advocate.

The diagnosis was bleak- cancer to return within 18 months, biopsies quarterly. Completely unacceptable for a nine year old child to take in.

Within one 48 hour period we learned The peel of a lemon would stave off skin cancer, raise his alkalinity levels and fight this beast naturally. We also learned juicing would radically support his cells giving him the best fighting chance.

Ten years later, my son has never had a reoccurrence of melanoma and he’s a strong healthy man.

The moral? Listen to your instincts, stand up for yourself and your child. You’re all you have.


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