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August 2020 Gift Offerings

How you can earn free product from Young Living, just by shopping for your personal necessities.

Something I’ve learned-

Entertaining 101: put EVERYTHING on a board. It's called Charcuterie, and it makes everything fancy. And really, who doesn’t enjoy fancy?

This month features

• oils

• aprons

• charcuterie board

Let’s just say limited edition gifts are some of my favorite things. These aprons and charcuterie board will be adorning my kitchen very soon!

Yes, I did say aprons...plural. One for you and one for a little sous chef assisting you. *spins in kitchen thinking of my little helpers*

Charcuterie Board

And how nice is this charcuterie board?! From breakfast waffles, jams, and fruits to lunchtime snacks, to evening dinners everything looks better presented in this style. We have been utilizing boards like this during our weekly Sabbath celebrations and it just makes everything so much more fun!

A Vitality Line Up

"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food"

Just like your kitchen has a spice rack, it should have a beautiful row of vitality oils.

Vitality oils add so much fresh flavor to every meal. When you see – or I should say taste – the difference between vitality oils and dried spices and herbs, you'll never be without these.


Think of this as an exotic oregano. Use on roasted vegetables, chicken, and potatoes.

• add a drop to olive oil for a marinade

• add a drop to a water sray and mist food before roasting

• add a drop to a pan of water and place in over during roasting or in the smoker for an aromatic meal

• take via capsule as a supplement for an overall general tonic for the body

• take via capsule to keep an overall healthy immune system, strong


Let's be'll want a few bottles on hand, who doesn't love a citrus splash of flavor?

• I use this every day in a glass of water with an added drop of Frankincense.

• add a drop to your Balance Complete smoothie for an at home "orange julius" (1/2 cup O.J. , 1/2 cup vanilla almond milk, 2 scoops Balance Complete, 1-2 drops orange vitality, ice, blend well) A family favorite over here!

• add a few drops via capsule (8, is great) or to your NingXia Red is ideal after a day of fun in the sun to help keep a strong anti oxidant function (glutathione)


You will be so impressed at the nuance this brings to your favorite foods. Use in anything you would typically use dried black pepper.

• a drop to olive oil for marinades

• a drop in olive oil in a culinary spray bottle to use as a mist for salads or fresh vegetables

• take via capsule to help calm overworked and tired muscles from a long day of physical activities

• take via capsule to keep physical energy going strong


Coriander is often used in Spanish, Latin, and Indian cuisines.

• Try a drop in marinades, chilis, sauces, curries, and with onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes.

• take a few drops via capsule after high fiber meals to ease unpleasant aromatic digestive experiences

• take a few drops via capsule with black pepper to help keep physical energy going strong


New to the Vitality line up, this is the wonderful secret to the best dressings in the world!

• a common staple in nearly every dish, just a toothpick swirl will suffice when a dash of parsley is called for

• a few drops via capsule after dinner helps keep digestion on tract (see what I did there?)

• take via capsule just before, and during menstruation to help ease the week ahead


Thyme brings out tremendous flavor in soups (Fall is coming, I promise,) or roasted vegetables & chicken...especially when combined with Lemon Vitality Oil!

• use in olive oil as a marinade, or food spray as mentioned above

• take via capsule to keep your immune system strong in in full function!

• take via capsule as an overall general tonic for the body

August is sure to be an inspiring month, full of vitality, wellness and abundance! Cheers to a fruitful month!


FAQ's of Essential Rewards

What is Essential Rewards?

The Essential Rewards subscription program is a simple way to make sure you're never without your must-have Young Living products. It's also full of exclusive perks and incentives. With Essential Rewards, when you place consecutive orders, you'll earn Essential Reward points to redeem later for free product!

Is it required to be on this auto-ship to purchase products from Young Living?

No, however the benefits you reap are incredible. You may purchase products from your Virtual Office anytime you'd like.

Can I still earn the promotional gifts?

On a Shop order, you will qualify for some of the gifts, though not all. The Essential Rewards exclusives are indicated as such at the time of checkout.

What is required to be a part of Essential Rewards?

A minimum of 50pv (point value) is required in order to participate on the Essential Rewards auto-ship program. Though because Young Living offers such a wide array of products that can simply switch out previous toxic products many do not have a challenge reaching the 50, 100, even 300 pv mark!

How do I sign up for Essential Rewards?

Log into your Virtual Office, find the Essential Rewards tab and follow the prompts.

What is the cost for enrolling in Essential Rewards?

Zero, absolutely zero. Simply place your order of 50+ pv and you're all set!

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