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Back to Basics With Your Essential Oils

A good testimony on anything is much better than stats and graphs, wouldn't you agree?

A few years back I interviewed kids round about the ages of 19-23 on the various essential oils we had avaialbe in a collection at that time. Their words were pure and telling as to how and why these oils work so well. In keeping with the theme of Back to Basics, I wanted to share with you all to perhaps spring to mind some of your own personal testimonies. Commenting below with your own testimonies would be much appreciated as well.

Remember, these are collections of personal testimonies meant to share and educate only! This is after all, a family business we are running.


Reasons to use these specific essential oils could look something like this:


Lavender is sometimes referred to as the Swiss army knife of essential oils. It’s a fitting title, given that it has a diverse range of benefits. The man who discovered its essential oil used it to help heal a severe burn that he had. I would recommend using it on any cuts or scrapes you may have, and it can help with eczema and other skin issues. But it has more uses than just healing injuries; lavender is also well-known for aiding sleep and helping to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s an excellent oil to diffuse at night. Lavender can also help relieve allergies, so make sure you have plenty before springtime rolls around. In summary, Lavender does by itself what it would take modern medicine several kinds of pills to accomplish, but Lavender has no negative side effects.


If you don’t have Peppermint already this summer, then you’re missing out. Why is that, you ask? Because using Peppermint is a great way to cool down, especially if your house has no AC. Using it on your forehead or the back of your neck can help, but I’ve also found it effective to apply Peppermint to the top of my ears. For your dogs, applying a drop of Peppermint to their “armpits” can help them cool off; remember, they have to wear a fur coat all of the time. Applying Peppermint on your stomach can help with an upset stomach. I’ve found that diffusing or breathing in Peppermint can help wake me up in the morning and make me feel alert and focused while I’m working. Finally, you can use Peppermint Vitality in baked goods instead of peppermint flavoring, which may be especially helpful this Christmas season.


I LOVE Young Living’s citrus oils, especially Lemon. Lemon has a very fresh, uplifting aroma, and goes great with Peppermint in a diffuser. Just like Peppermint Vitality, Lemon Vitality is an excellent flavoring for cookies, and it can be taken internally by adding it to your water; however, be sure to use a not-plastic cup, because the citrus oils eat away at plastic, and you don’t want a messed-up cup and you definitely don’t want to drink plastic. Lemon is also a main ingredient in Young Living’s Thieves Cleaner, but even by itself it’s a great cleaning product. If you’re trying to remove a stain, especially a grease stain or something sticky, but it just won’t come out, try using a little Lemon on it. I have yet to find a better grease remover than Lemon, or at least a better-but-still-non-toxic product. Many cleaning products are lemon-scented, but using Lemon oil will provide the same fresh smell, a better cleaning job, and leave no toxic residue! Young Living now has a Lemon hand soap, as well. Finally, Lemon makes a fine addition to your skincare routine, and can help support your immune system. (a great reason to put it in your water).


Well, the name sort of gives away what Valor is good for. Valor can help promote feelings of high self-esteem, confidence, and courage. I use it as part of my morning oil routine to help me face the day with confidence, because let’s face it, things can be difficult sometimes. Valor has a comforting, grounding aroma, perfect for inspiring confidence. To use it, I would suggest either applying it topically to your neck and chest, or directly inhaling it. One of my favorite uses for Valor is as a deodorant; Young Living sells a Valor deodorant, and Valor oil also works as a subtle cologne.


Yet another oil whose name gives away its use; thankfully, Young Living does that with its blends. Peace & Calming is good for, well, peace and calming. Its aroma promotes a deep sense of relaxation. For topical application, applying it to your feet can give you an excellent night’s sleep. Peace & Calming is also a good blend for dogs, especially if you have a hyperactive breed like a pointer. Some dogs can get aggressive when anxious, so make sure to use this blend on them. Young Living has a Peace & Calming roller bottle, perfect for staying calm wherever you go; you can also make your own roller bottle. Next time you’re worried or stressed, grab some Peace & Calming; it’s never a good idea to make decisions or do stuff under stress if you don’t have to.


Oh, boy. If you thought Lavender or Lemon had a lot of uses, then you have not seen Frankincense. It’s been used in worship for thousands of years by many, many religions. It does enhance spiritual experiences, so it makes sense that it was, and still is, a favorite for worship. Especially in prayer and meditation, or when you feel like you need to seek purpose, diffusing Frankincense can promote a comforting, empowering environment. Just like Lemon, Frankincense is good for skincare, and can help get rid of moles and pimples. It serves as an all-around immune support, so taking it internally can help your body's immune system beat back germs that are present. Frankincense is an indispensible member of any good oil collection.


This is one of my favorite oils to talk about. It’s one of the few blends whose name does not give away its use. Thieves is a blend that is based on a recipe used by a band of thieves during the Black Plague in Europe in the 1340s. These men would anoint themselves with spices, then raid the homes of the dead and dying. When they were finally caught, they were forced to give up their secret of how they stayed healthy when robbing people. Sadly, it wasn’t for about 500 years or so that Europe adopted basic hygiene practices, but the thieves’ recipe survived, and now Young Living uses it for its Thieves essential oil blend! Thieves is the basis of all of Young Living’s cleaning products, as well as its toothpaste, hand sanitizer, dish soap, and a hand soap. I’ve found it to be the best cleaner that I’ve ever used, and it doesn’t leave the stench of chemicals everywhere. And if just using Thieves is insufficient, then add some Lemon; the Household Cleaner contains both oils. Since it boosts the immune system, Thieves is a great oil to take internally, though I would recommend taking it in honey or a gel capsule, as it is a “hot” oil. You could also put it on your feet, since your feet have the most pores on your body, allowing oils to easily be absorbed into your body. If you have anything that needs to be cleaned or disinfected, then Thieves should be your go-to.


What’s better than just one citrus oil? A blend of five of them (plus Spearmint)! Citrus Fresh combines the best of many citrus oils into a unique blend, perfect for many things. For example, diffusing Citrus Fresh while trying to be creative, like while writing or doing art, can help you focus and be inspired. It also helps eliminate bad odors in a room, and can be used as a cleaner, especially for removing grease. Citrus Fresh has an uplifting, positive scent, so diffusing it in the morning is a great way to begin your day! You can also apply it topically to boost your mood, though Young Living does warn people that you should avoid direct sun exposure on any place on which you’ve put citrus oils for the following 12 hours.


Despite its name, Raven has nothing to do with birds. However, this blend of Lemon, Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Ravintsara, and Peppermint. has many other uses. Raven can help swiftly eliminate a bad cough or cold, allowing you to breathe easily. Raven can also help get out of the cycle of worry and self-pity, and back on track to accomplish your goals! Thanks to the Peppermint and Wintergreen in it, Raven leaves a cooling sensation when applied topically, and applying it to your feet is a fantastic way to relax yourself. When diffused, Raven creates a minty-fresh, relaxing atmosphere, perfect for settling down after a long day. If that’s not relaxing enough, then try adding it to your bath. Finally, if your muscles are sore after a workout, then apply some Raven to them and feel the tension and soreness dissipate! Just a warning: because it contains Wintergreen, it has a childproof cap, since the “hot” sensation of it can be unpleasant to children or others with sensative skin. However, mixing Raven with V-6 carrier oil will dilute that feeling.


Ever feel sick to your stomach? Maybe you ate just a little too much food. Well, Young Living has an oil for that: DiGize! DiGize is great for all things digestion-related, from indigestion and heartburn to ... well, you can figure it out. Fennel is one of the ingredients of DiGize, and it is the strongest scent in the whole blend, so be aware that it may smell bad to you; it works, though, so the bad smell is definitely worth it. It also contains Ginger and Peppermint, both of which are well-known for helping to relieve digestive ailments. It’s important to have healthy digestion, since it’s what processes your food, and not getting the most out of your food is wasteful. It can also easily mess up other stuff in your body; acne, for instance, is a sign of bad digestion. DiGize is an indispensable part of any oil collection, and you need to have good digestion to keep the rest of your body running smoothly.


This may be a good time to mention that, legally speaking, we can’t say that essential oils actually cure ailments and illnesses. Young Living would have to patent their formulas in order for YL members to say those things, but you can’t patent a plant. That is the reason why this blend isn’t just called “Pain Away”; instead, it’s called PanAway. We like to say it’s good for relieving “aches and pans.” If you feel sore, or are in pain, then apply PanAway to the area and feel the pain be replaced by a nice, cooling feeling! PanAway is a good oil to use in a muscle rub or pain cream, and Young Living has made those with Cool Azul, a blend that is very similar to PanAway. So the next time you have an ache or a “pan”, grab some PanAway to help relieve it. Just a bit of warning: the primary ingredient, Wintergreen, is the reason why PanAway has a childproof cap. The “hot” sensation of Wintergreen can be unpleasant to children or others with sensitive skin. However, when mixed with V-6 carrier oil, that feeling is greatly diminished.


This is probably by far my favorite blend. Sometimes I get stressed out (ok fine, a lot of times). Stress is good for actual, physical danger; it boosts your body’s adrenaline and prepares you to either fight an opponent or run from danger. However, being constantly stressed is like having your body in permanent overdrive, which is unhealthy both physically and mentally. So when you get stressed out by whatever—be it financial concerns, current world situations, anything—reach for your Stress Away and breathe in the oil deeply. I love to diffuse this blend at night to help me sleep well, but you could also diffuse it in during the day if you feel anxious about getting things done. Don’t stress out about anything, no matter how bad it is, because making decisions under stress is not a good idea. Take a deep breath, use some Stress Away, and calmly do what you need to do.

Seeing/Reading someone else's experience with anything may give us better insight into the very thing we are learning about. We have put together a twenty one day walk through the starter kit in video format as well. If you are new to essential oils or have been using them since the creation of the world, (well, maybe not that long), either way, these will be invaluable to you as you fall in love with your essential oils all over again!

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