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Back to Basics

Remembering why we use essential oils in the first place

Everyone begins their wellness journey with a few simple steps and then as each step becomes more routine, they typically add a few more complicated steps until those become routine and so on. I call this "easy plus one".

Whatever you call it, that's the nature of really anything in life.

In Young Living, I have found it's the same. People typically begin with a few oils, maybe a supplement for acute wellness management and before long, the person is knee deep in handfuls of supplements and up to their noses, literally, in an array of aromas.

If that person is me, and it was, said person ceases to use any of it because they, (me) forget why they began in the first place. Or, they begin asking better questions, such as, "what is the basic I need right now?" Or something of that nature.

In this series, I will be sharing some basics on tried and true essential oils. Young Living has recently launched a new collection in order to help newcomers to essentials oils begin in the most optimal yet simple way.

I like that. I love sharing the simple and doing it simply. We have much on our minds as of late and it is my belief that health and wellness need not be complicated.



also available in a Vitality

I don't know about anyone else, but this oils was my entry point into essentail oils. Before then I had never heard of oils, and certainly had never thought to use them. A friend told me my kids would not get sick if we used it so I was sold.

I hate sickness, it is vile and unnecessary in my opinion.

At the time I had no clue the magnitude of benefits within this bottle.

Thieves Essential Oil is a stunning blend of essential oils that is specifically designed to cleanse the mind and/or the environment when diffused. When inhaled and experienced, as all essential oils should be, Thieves energizes the mind, and creates a feeling of being able to conquer anything in your day.In other words, it opens up all those blocked receptors in the brain to help a person think clearly and become energized. When this happens, not only is the person feeling incredible, but the immune system has now come online giving them the best chance of staving off any unwanted invaders.

Apply on the bottoms of your feet, massaged into the spine, (with a carrier oil), or drop one drop under the tongue for maximum immune support.

Did you know that Thieves oil was developed based on the ingredients found in the "Four Thieves Vinegar" or "Marseilles Vinegar"? The vinegar was first prepared by thieves that worked in the spice industry and robbed graves to generate income in the 15th century. Perhaps you could research what was happening in the world during that time period. Not too different than what our world is walking through.



Most people begin Young Living with a bottle of Lavender because, well, it's Lavender. Everyone knows this oil and the reviews are so mixed as to wether or not they enjoy it. More on that in a moment.

Lavender has over 1000 uses, so I will not list them all here, but pretty much you can figure if you need an oil you're safe to use Lavender. Search this group to find the myriad of ways we use and recommend Lavender as well.

For the emotional help using lavender, this is something few really graps so we will invest the rest of our time here. Abandonment is the negative emotion best dealt with by Lavender. In my coaching I find that when people have abandonment issues, they typically have an adverse reaction to Lavender.

Let’s peer further into abandonment and discover a simple and smooth way out.

The top reasons someone may have some challenges in this area are:

•Death. Death happens, but that doesn't make it less traumatic especially if it occurred unexpectedly.

•Abuse, both Physical and sexual abuse, along with other types of abuse, can create lingering mental health issues, including a fear of abandonment.

•Poverty, this is a biggie that I see in many women who grew up in a less than stellar economic situation. Money represents security for so many, it’s literally the way to move through society. Without money, you can’t have the basic necessities of life- and for a child, that is everything.

•Relationship loss.

•Adoption. Even if the child was welcomed into the most loving family God ever created, the fact is, the feeling the adopted child has in the recesses of their minds is, “someone gave me up”.

•Divorce, even though this might be the best option for the parents, children do not walk away unscathed.

All of these can be overcome with a different perspective and mindset. But I bring them to your attention because if any of this is/was your story, and you do not enjoy the Lavender aroma, perhaps you have some root issues to pull out.

Lavender was my least favorite oil in the starter collection, next to Stress Away and when I learned of this it all clicked, and I was finally able to begin working through deep seated emotions that I didn’t even know were there.

Talking over issues with a therapist, while lovely, must also be accompanied by a removing of the tangible emotion that is imbedded in your DNA.

Emotions change your body at a cellular level. It’s important to clearly understand how and why, and then deal with them as soon as you’re aware.

If you are someone who did not enjoy Lavender at first whiff, perhaps this is why. Invest some time in exploring Lavender again. Diffuse it in another room or apply it to your feet at night. The oils do work gently on our emotions as we sleep- hence dreaming.

Take some time to journal your thoughts that come up as your smell Lavender. This can be enlightening.



Of course, Purification is great in the laundry, and diffused everywhere that needs freshening; musty basements, the car, mud rooms, closets., shoes, gym bags, uniforms, etc.

However, there’s a whole other level I’d like to explore with you. Going back to basics also includes revealing a lesser known level of use with our basic essential oils. I mean think of this- what if along with getting everything out of the house that is toxic AND gently managing your emotions at the same time?

Could it really be that plain and simple?

Yes, friend. It really can be and is.

Purification is a proprietary blend of Citronella, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Lavandin, and Myrtle. These oils have the fascinating properties of aiding the acquisition of knowledge and easing life transitions.

They challenge us to journey inward, ask soul-searching questions, and openly receive inspired answers. They aid in times of transition and change.

When we might be struggling to adjust to a new reality, these oils hint that we do not understand all things because we are approaching the challenge from a mortal perspective. Instead, they invite us to trust, and in my case, that is trust God and support us in feeling confident in that trust. Trust is different than faith. Breathing in this oils assists in making that distinction.



Truth be told, this oil is really my everything. In recent months we've scaled back to a mere 3 bottles, my normal stash runs at about 6. Living with 5 children, those who bump knees, get stressed and overeat a few too many of whatever, they all need their own bottle.

We need all the Peppermint.

But did you know that the genus name for peppermint comes from a Greek myth? The story tells that the nymph, Mentha, who was pursued by Pluto, was crushed to dust by his wife Persephone. Pluto changed her back into a sweet smelling peppermint plant. This is totally irrelevant to you or your use of Peppermint, but somehow it sure makes it more interesting knowing where the plant got its name. I'd love to know what Adam named the plant in its origin. Perhaps one day I find that info...

Here's a question- Other companies will breed a hybrid Peppermint. I know, it's annoying. It's also why it is extremely important to read the labels, know what you're getting and, have your friend get a whiff of your YL Peppermint and experience the difference. Young Living DOES NOT however mix and match mint plants and call it peppermint.

Do you know what mint plants OTHER companies use to create "peppermint"?


Stress Away

The name says it all, doesn't it?

Young Living has a myriad of essential oils blends, much more than when most people began using their pristine oils. Yet with the complexity of finding which one suits you best, I have discovered that going with an original creation such as Stress Away never disappoints!

Before we had Vanilla essential oil, there was Stress Away. Vanilla is truly a gift and does an exceptional job of assisting many folks in dealing with emotional turmoil they may find themselves in. Yet a blend like Stress Away, becomes somewhat of a departure from the average emotional feel good.

Meaning, it’s next level healing.

Stress Away blends includes an impressive list of single oils;

Vanilla, Lavender, Lime, Ocotea, Copiaba, and Cedarwood.

Each of these oils are incredible on their own, yet synergistically blended together you have one stunning oil blend. This oil has helped many people let go of learned and genetic patterns to mental, emotional, spiritual and physical stress. It will bring awareness to what your sources of stress are and what needs to be changed to have a stress less life. While it may be common to have some stress in our life it is certainly not normal. Our body systems and nervous system adapt easily enough however, it is the constant stress that bring problems to our life, relationships, career and health. It is important to navigate through these situations and choose a different response rather than pushing through.

As you think through some negative emotions that you may still have and gather oils that will benefit you for the Emotion Reset, consider Stress Away. If is one of the Memory Release oils we use in the Aroma Freedom Technique for a reason.

I love the added bonus is the Make A Shift collection of Stress Away being in a roller bottle.


Deep Relief

The final addition to the Make a Shift essential oil collection is Deep Relief. This is a long time fan favorite that for most of us, feels like too good to be true that it now comes in a collection like this.

Deep Relief has been a much-desired essential oil blend and when you see the oils in here, you'll understand the reason behind this.

Deep Relief comes pre-diluted in a rollerball, making it easy to take on the go, throw in gym bag, purse, backpack or stashed in the glove box of your car for acute needs.

Single Essential oils include:



Balsam Fir






Dorado Azul

The aroma is soothing and subtle, ideal for those who prefer the softer aroma. The invigorating, minty smells stand out the most!

This oil blend was designed specially formulated to soothe and cool fatigued muscles after exercise. Deep Relief will also help you find emotional and mental patterns that prevent you from exercising and/or taking care of yourself emotionally and physically.

If exercise is not always your go to, consider prayerfully seeking the answer as to why, as you roll this oil blend over your shoulders and feet.

Deep Relief may cool anger and frustration that you may have with yourself about those struggles.


Young Living has crafted each of these oils in a beautifully simple collection called Make a Shift. Perhaps after reading through these you have realized, it is time to make a shift in your own physical and emotional well being. If so, find this collection here!

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