August Gifts

Summer's Lease Has All Too Short a Date- William Shakespeare

As we close out these warm and balmy Summer days, let's enjoy the gifts Young Living is showering on us all when we receive our August Wellness box.

Each month, Young Living offers gifts with purchase for those who order above and beyond tiered amounts. For those who choose to use the Loyalty Rewards program, (subscribe to save), there are even more benefits.

This month's gifts are exactly what we all need as we wind down the long days of Summer and prepare for the cooler Fall and Winter months.


At the 100pv tier on S2S, we receive 10 extra point in our Loyalty Rewards. If you are new to Loyalty points, these are points rewarded to those who shop monthly with Young Living as a way to say "thank you!" Once you have accumulated enough points, you are then able to go into your Young Living account and purchase for free items that are full point value.

At the 190pv tier we will receive Patchouli & Eucalyptus essential oils, plus for those on Subscribe to Save, we will receive the added bonus of the Charcoal Mask. As always, we flood this blog with education and tips for using our essential oils and products. Here are previous articles written for Patchouli and Eucalyptus.

At the 250pv tier we will receive the above mentioned, in addition to our Satin Mint Scrub and the Thieves Kitchen & Bath Scrub! It would appear YL knows that we all need to scrub away any residual dirt, off all the surfaces!

Finally, at the 300pv tier we will receive one of my most favorite supplements Young Living has created- Super B. This is a fabulous supplement to feed the body with much needed B vitamins. For those who need a little extra boost of energy, this supplement will be a welcomed addition to your routine. Here is one our favorite reads on supporting your adrenal glands and why Super B is such a huge part of that.

As always, should you require any assistance on your wellness, or, simply want to say "hey!", I am a phone call away!

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