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The next good part

I mention breathing often and while it may seem redundant and possible overkill, the truth is, few people actually really truly breathe in the way God designed us to, all the time. If I’m honest it’s probably because everyone is so dang busy. If I’m honest, I find this more within the state I live in now, more than any other state I have ever lived. And if I’m brutally honest, I find this more so within the church communities I have hung around, more than any other community setting. I ask, ‘how’s it going’, they respond, “Oh I am just SO BUSY!”. My response is now, bummer.

Try as I may, folks don’t want to cease the busy badge wearing so in order to help them feel better in life, as they’ve usually been asking for emotional assistance, I work around their busyness by prompting them to focus on breathing. Lest you think I may be overstating, my Apple watch has a “breathing” reminder on it. Sad that we need a piece of tech to remind us to freaking breathe.


The next good part to this is learning to intentionally breathe into your place of stress, trauma, fear, etc. This is not simply stopping and pausing to course correct your breath This is a sit down, oils in hand and feeling the feels, taking extra long deep breaths while breathing in your oils and focusing intently on that one emotion, that one condition in your body or both. The oil you choose for this is inconsequential. It’s really more about using the oils to flood your mind and body with healing for the cells and releasing feel good hormones directly into that space. For example- I had a tight shoulder today, not sure why and frankly, don’t really care.

It’s tight, I want it not tight. So I grabbed Bergamot took a moment to breathe it in while focusing on that spot. The freakiest thing happened. That spot intensified, I kept breathing and slowly I felt it release. Where attention goes, energy flows.

Now you do it.

Maybe you’re feeling a bit tired today. Take your oil, any oil, breathe it in, deeply and focus on waking up your brain, releasing more feel good hormones and increasing your metabolism. This is science, friends. Your intention MATTERS in order to get what you want out of your body.

I'd love to hear from you today, share your experience with this particular assignment. We can all learn from one another.

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