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About Magnesium

Recently I shared about magnesium and the benefits of it. There were suggestions and questions about different supplements that contain magnesium and it got me to thinking. I have used MegaCal, I have attempted Mineral Essence, yet neither ever left me with the incredible benefits I found from another source. For as much as I love Young Living, it occurred to me that I should figure out why I didn't experience anything life changing from my current selection of magnesium in the form of MegaCal or SuperCal. Both superior supplements, just didn't notice anything until I took something else. Plus, I didn't know I needed something until I accidentally took something that my body craved and needed and then, felt better!

The other supplement is from Optimal Health Systems and it was a leftover my husband had been taking before he died. Not being a waster of supplements, I decided to finish off the bottle.

I had been taking Young Living's MegaCal for a long time and it helps with some things apparently I needed some other things? So I have done some digging. And, I have found an answer that I’m certain will help more folks than I can imagine.


As it turns out, there are 8 different types of Magnesium! It reminded me of Love. When I say I love you, my desire is to convey the type of love. Certainly a friendship love, phileo, but definitely not eros. The goal is agape, but as we are all in process, I may have moments.

Make sense?


In the case of magnesium, we have some similar benefits in each type, but also incredibly different.

magnesium citrate causes the intestines to release water into the stool which softens the stool and relieves constipation and irregularity. Sorry, probably should ahve warned you to not be eating as you're reading... Magnesium citrate is more gentle than some of the other magnesium compounds and found as the active ingredient in most conventionally sold laxatives.

magnesium glycinate has been shown to have a variety of benefits, such as- relieve anxiety, support excellent bone health, manage blood sugar in people with diabetes, maintain normal heart rhythms, reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and enhance exercise performance.

magnesium chloride has also been shown to contribute to a healthy heart, normal blood pressure levels, strong bones.

magnesium lactate is needed in the body to support the function of the heart, nervous system, and digestive system.

magnesium malate is also beneficial for seeing improvements in mood, blood sugar control, exercise performance, and chronic pain.

magnesium taurate is an interesting one. In recent studies this shown to have prominent antihypertensive and cardioprotective activity because of its potent antioxidant activity.

magnesium sulfate, found in MegaCal, moderates mineral levels, floating (putting in bathwater) in magnesium sulfate also has the added benefit of decreasing inflammation and drawing out impurities from the body. Little natural detoxer for you. I've seen studies and reports from people who have chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia report a significant improvement in pain management with a regular floating practice. The studies were not YL, by the way. Just wanted to be clear- regualr old pubmed.

magnesium oxide has a lower bioavailability than other forms of magnesium, but it still has a few benefits. Mainly, it's used to treat migraine and constipation. It may also help reduce blood pressure, blood sugar, and anxiety.

In summary

MegaCal uses- Magnesium sulfate, SuperCal uses magnesium citrate, and Mineral Essence I have not been able to see the kind it uses.

The magnesium I have been taking, Essential Magnesium, uses magnesium glycinate.

So for me and what I had going on, I noticed a bigger shift with the magnesium because it was specific to my body that needs I have/had at the time. Relieving a bit of anxiety, helping hormones in addition to digestion. Digestion is an overall every magnesium supplements assists to some extent. Since I do not have chronic pain, SuperCal, while amazing for overall bone health, wasn’t one that I would notice when I take it. MegaCal contains a magnesium that works as a natural laxative, so yea, I’m all set there!

However, for anyone who has a child on Miralax or knows someone who uses this, oh my word. MegaCal would be an awesome switch. Miralax literally alters the structure of the intestines, among other things.

Anyway, just wanted to share some cool findings I had when researching the differences of magnesiums. What I love about learning more about the body & the minerals God gave us at the start is tat we see how intricately He cares for us through a variety of ways. I would encourage each of you to quiet your mind down and listen to your body speak. You'll actually be able to hear it tell you what you need.

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