A Key Important Gut Health Topic

Focusing on our gut is key to overall optimal health, as we will see in this article. It's a topic rarely discussed in close quarters, let alone on a social media site, yet, when it comes to exceptional health, to staying healthy, it is of utmost importance.

Bowel transit time

How long it takes for food to travel through the digestive tract. This is important because the longer your food stays in transit, the least amount of nutrients your body will absorb. Recent research has focused mainly on the influence of the bacterial composition of the gut on the health of someone's digestive system. Intestinal bacteria prefer to digest dietary carbohydrates, but when these are depleted, the bacteria start to break down other nutrients such as proteins. Researchers have previously observed correlations between some of the bacterial protein degradation products that are produced in the colon and the development of various diseases including colorectal cancer, chronic renal disease and autism. In addition if you consider the more common conditions as I shared earlier, colds, flus all manner of lung junk, then you can begin to see why keep a clean and clear bowel with smooth transit time is of utmost importance.


Awkward Question

How's yours? A simple way to discover your bowel transit time is eating something like corn or peanuts, ( I warned you) and wait. If it takes longer that 24-30 hours to see it again, you might have some sluggish transit time, meaning, you might have some sluggish lungs and perhaps, your health isn't as optimal as you would want. I'm imagine you all hopping into your cars to go grab some peanuts at the market.

Supporting optimal transit time solutions~

  • EXERCISE- Physical activity can also reduce the time it takes for food to travel through the colon. Thirty minutes of brisk walking is really all the body needs to get things moving.

  • DRINK WATER- You can help food pass through the colon by drinking plenty of water, your full body weight in ounces is ideal, yet at minimum half your body weight.

  • INCREASE FIBER- upping your vegetable and fruit game is ideal, yet when there is a diet of meat and cheeses, it may be near impossible to eat enough to increase transit time. Ningxia Greens, just released, is just one of many incredible products Young Living has to get things moving.

  • CONSIDER A COLON CLEANSE- Walking through a gentle colon cleanse will do wonders for your bowels and act as a sort of "reset". Beginning with a gentle essential oil like peppermint and lemon to start the flow. Alternating Peppermint and then Lemon essential oil in your water will begin to move things along. You can tackle a supplement cleanse a week or so after you begin the gentler cleanse, and if you have already implemented the above! Once that is in place then you'll head into something stronger, perhaps a fast, or simply the Cleansing Trio, ICP, Comfortone and Essentialzymes. This will move all the unwanted leftovers out of the bowels and into their proper place. This will allow for your body to reset itself and restore what was missing. Once you finish that round, be sure to add in, or continue taking Life 9 or MightyPro probiotic as maintenance.

Healthy colons have been linked to healthy lungs. Let's continue to prepare for the Fall and Winter months now before the crud creeps in!

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