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8 Reasons You Might Struggle with Weight

And how to overcome it.

Let's open this conversation wide and look deep into the reasons and ways to deal with it once and for all.

Have you struggles with your weight? In the past as I have talked to a variety of people about weight loss & management I knew that I knew that I knew, their problem was rooted in emotions. Not being one to ever struggle with my weight, my assessment never held much weight. Pun intended.

Until now.

Having lost my huband earthside, I now know firsthand what it is to eat from stress, grief, and deep emotional pain. What's crazy is I know the probelm, yet I make my choices becase frankly a cookie tastes a bit better than Stress Away feels sometimes.

There, I said it. And no, diffuser Oatmeal Cookie aromas does not help at certain times. I want the dang oatmeal cookie...

Recently I have begun to grow weary of my pants squeezing me for an unholy amount of time and my arms are riduclously too friendly, what with waving back and forth at people.

I'm on a reduction journey now and wanted to share my findings with anyone needing some help other than the latest fads. Oh don't get me wrong, those TOTALLY work! But not long term for the rest of your life. Consider for a moment that weight challenges are either emotional or spiritual- or both. We don't talk a ton about the spiritual aspect in here so I will not delve too much into it. You can ask in the comments however should you want to know more.

Reasons you may be holding on to the excess pounds regardless of what you try:

  • Weight can be your armor against being overpowered physically if you were abused

  • Weight can be your "bigger presence" if you feel overlooked or dismissed or unheard

  • Weight can be your protection against lack, or against loss

  • Weight can be a result of self-cursing and despising your body

  • Weight can be excess grief and sorrow

  • Weight can be excess baggage from your generations

  • Weight can be the result of your judgment of someone else

  • Weight can be a literal curse placed on you by someone, or an unintentional word curse

If any of these resonate, (you will know because you'll sense truth in one or more of these statements), then know that half the battle is already won. So many people think the problem is self control and while that may be a thing, there's always an underlying reason for a lack of self control.

The other half of the battle begins when you have the courage to address the situation. For that, we pray and ask for the strength. We apply Valor, with great intention because God gave us these oils and they are powerfully transformative for our minds.

Should you have a need to discuss this further, I am only a phone call or text away.

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