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7th Heaven, How to Get There

7th Heaven

a powerful and intentional practice, for such a time as this...

Gary Young gathered a specific set of blends to assist members of Young Living to have breakthroughs of all kinds. This use to be available in a kit, and now we collect them as they are back in stock. The original set included a blend called Inspiration, which has been out of stock for some time now. We've taken the liberty of replacing Inspiration with Egyptian Gold, in order to create the chance for all to use this practice.

If one is feeling down, depressed or out of balance with life, the need for alignment is great. You'll want to use these blends together. However, they do not need to be used in steps.

What an ideal time to tap into your God given intuition, it's your Pineal gland you know.

Sacred Mountain in diffuser

Egyptian Gold on crown

Gathering on face or temples

Awaken on center of forehead

Awaken - first blend created from blends. If you're stuck and not able to move forward or setting and achieving goals. All the chemicals in our experience suppress our bodies and minds from achieving our purpose. Helps bring us to the point of realization/awaken to the fact that we *can* achieve goals. It ‘wakes’ up our minds. It gives us strength to be an achiever, goal setter, etc. Use this oil with the awareness that you can do more. Put on temples. Wake up to your higher potential and do not be afraid.

Humility - This gets you in a teachable space and stimulates pineal, pituitary, secrets endorphins. Inhale and wear on temples or behind ears. Also massage ears with it.

Sacred Mountain - created for Gary himself to bring the mountains to himself when he had to live in the city. Brings you to quiet place. Conifer oils and Ylang Ylang. YY balances masculine and feminine energies - used extensively in oriental culture for Yin Yang balancing.

Egyptian Gold- Egyptian Gold Essential Oil was blended with oils used in Ancient Egypt. The exotic fragrance balances the emotions and is stabilizing and empowering.

Cedarwood: preserves tissues, antibacterial, used in mummification. Cedarwood is powerful to change the thoughts and redirect the DNA to reprogram itself to a perfect state.

Diffuse when uptight, tense, irritable, depressed.

Gathering - This blend took 2 years to bring together. The purpose was of bringing people into a state of collective thinking. Created Sept 1994. Gathering stimulates the mind to focus and collect thoughts. There is so much bombardment in the world with information and energies. Gathering helps us filter through the chaotic bombardment and misinformation. Creates direct pipeline to the Creator of truth.

Dream Catcher - helps with need to dream. Daydreaming is an important part of creative processes. It’s part of visualizing. Healing and helpful to the mind. Take mini-mind vacations and practice visualization. Give yourself permission to daydream again. Dream Catcher enhances dream and filters out the garbage, also helps us let go of negative attributes.

Put on pillow.

White Angelica - Made of 18 different oils in 2 different phases. Brings protection and creates an Auric field of purity. Enhances the other oils and protects us from negative bombardment. Seal your meditation and visualization with this blend to hold it and protect it.


Anointing self with sacred oils that God has given us the plants for this special purpose is a powerful way to walk in His will and ways. Anointing is not only an ancient peoples practice, it's a mandate in the biblical scriptures, something that was required before prayer, during meditation and for the purpose of healing. Along the way the practice was forgotten, until the very recent times. Anointing yourself, your family and loved ones is a powerful choice.

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