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6 Young Living Must Haves For Winter

But first, a story

Years ago, Gary Young said that if we did not care for the land and plants that gave us Spikenard this oil would cease to exist. That essential oil has not been around for about 8 years and word on the street is, and to my knowledge this one is not returning. According to the IUCN Red List, Nardostachys jatamansi (Spikenard) is on the critically endangered list as of December 2020.

Hindsight is beautiful and had I heeded his words, I may have ordered Spikenard, at least to have a few bottles on hand. After all, I do work with woman and young adults in the area of trauma healing and Spikenard is beyond fabulous for this.

However, I didn't so I can't.

Instead of being stimied I got scrappy and used other oils and blends to create the same affect. God is not daunted by a shortage so neither am I.

Yet, I would be foolish had I not taken that as a lesson learned.

Even more foolish is not sharing this with all of you. So, as we enter into another season Fall and Winter, NOW is the time to take stock, (literally) in our supply lines and see what may have holes, & consider what we may potentially need in the coming months. Perhaps if we are really into sharing and caring for our neighbors, we'd have one extra of each thing we need in case a friend is in need.


As a reminder, in natural medicine we rely heavily on creation to be just right in order to produce what we need for health, wellness and the occassional healing. When the demand for items that are already at the mercy of weather and harvesting standards becomes greatly increased, this can be cause for much loved products to go out of stock.

In 2022 stocking up is a weirdly new concept but for those of us who grew up around grandparents that walked through the 1920s-50s, it’s not so foreign. That generation taught us to look ahead, to use less if we are able and to make ahead when possible. As skewed as their mindset may have been, what with some of us having a grandfather who died with 16 hammers in his possession, the idea is still relevant and helpful- especially for those of us who use Young Living for our physical and mental wellness.

Having what you need on hand is relatively individual since using natural wellness is not a one size fits all pursuit. Yet there are a few items we all would benefit from having on hand as just in case something isn't available to us the whole Winter season. Here are 6 must haves in Young Living that you will want to be sure to have throughout the next six months.

  1. Thieves cough drops and Thieves Lozenge. Yes, both. These two are not only found in ample supply in my home during the Fall & Winter months, but also throughout the entire year. During 2020, my husband and children were literally last man standing at Starbucks because you know, healthcare workers need their caffeine? so the stores didn't close until the very end of March. And opened right back up in early May. With all of that, and not knowing how contagious it all was, my people used the lozenges to keep supporting their immune systems during their time around the masses. We quickly learned that these were much better and easier to use rather than our typical throw a drop of Thieves essential oil in your mouth idea. These also come in handy if anyone has a tickle or dry throat, or when any of us are about to give a speech. It cuts down on the need to sip water through your talk.

  2. Super C, either chewable or capsule. Super C contains rutin, zinc and essential oils that support a healthy immunity and circulation. The benefits of vitamin C may also include supporting healthy skin, providing antioxidant support or minimizing the effects of free radicals in healthy cells; it is necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues. It's involved in many body functions, including formation of collagen, absorption of iron, the proper functioning of wound healing, and the maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth.

  3. Thieves Hand Sanitizer- Our hands carry good and beneficial bacteria. When we swipe a conventional hand sanitizer over them, this strips off much needed healthy bacteria, in addition to altering our DNA. I make mention of the Thieves Hand Sanitizer being one of the top 6 because since we all use something like this, using one that is non toxic is pretty much a must. No need to strip off that good bacteria. Thieves hand Sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs.

  4. Thieves Chest Rub- Thieves Chest Rub for toddlers over 2 and adults is the perfect natural cough, cold and nasal congestion remedy. This natural chest rub for temporary congestion, stuffiness and minor sore throat acts as a cough suppressant. Whether it’s a minor sore throat home remedy, natural cough suppressant, need to open nasal passages or looking to soothe chest aches due to cold, this is one to have in your back stock. Thieves Chest Rub is free from dyes, synthetic perfumes, oils, mineral oils, petroleum, parabens, phthalates, artificial colors, preservatives or GMO ingredients.

  5. Inner Defense- Inner Defense reinforces systemic defenses, creates an unfriendly environment for yeast and fungus, promotes healthy respiratory function, and contains a potent combo of essential oils including, Oregano, Thyme and Thieves. All of which are known for being rich in thymal, carvacrol, and eugenol, ideal for optimal immune support. Inner Defense is truly one of the top first responders when it comes to staying well and heading off anything unwanted before it strikes. This is not a daily supplement however. The essential oils use in this formulation are in it intense and are especially good at helping your immune system fight off whatever is trying to get on you. Think acute, short term use.

  6. And finally, this is a year round must have, but becomes a bit more required through the Winter months. The Golden Touch Collection- The oils in this collection are R.C., Raven, Melrose, EndoFlex, Thieves, JuvaFlex, & DiGize. The oil blend formulas in this collection take advantage of essential oils' natural abilities to support many functions of the body. One in particualr I want to highlight is JuvaFlex, especially as we head into Fall & Winter months, with all the celebrations that occur. JuvaFlex will help to release anger stored in the liver according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Also in TCM wisdom, as the liver is supported and cleansed it will allow for not only the release of toxins but also emotions. This one clears the emotions of blame, unappreciated, deprived and anger. Plus JuvaFlex will help you foster the positive emotions of supported, appreciated, contentment and forgiveness. Use this oil to cleanse generational and learned beliefs around anger and decision making. Cleansing the generational beliefs is paramount to walking in total freedom. During these upcoming months, a lot of events happen that may trigger old hurts and wounds. Now is a great time to begin addressing any unresolved anger. The Golden Touch collection includes 7 oils, three of which do not come in the smaller sizes. The math adds up to this being a much better deal overall, being about $5-6 off compared to if you purchased it all separately. Just a thought.

In our world today, looking ahead a season or two is just wise when using natural medicine. We never can tell what's on the horizon, but we can absolutely be prepared for whatever comes our way.

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