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6 Supplements You Must Know

And how to choose which is right for you...

"If you had no way of knowing your age, no birth certificate, no birth date on record, and you had to assign an age to yourself based on how you feel and look... what age would you give yourself?" Well?

When it comes to your health, consider looking at is as a wellness commitment to yourself, and it ought to be a commitment that becomes your non negotiable. Supplements can easily fall to the wayside because we don't "feel" or "see" an immediate change. It's important to keep in mind that It's not how it makes you feel TODAY in the "right here, right now" it's how it sets you up for strength in health and wellness tomorrow. There's just so much when it comes to your health, that you can't even see. If you have suddenly been feeling "less than par": tired, irritable, sore, frustrated, un- motivated, miserable.... it's easy to want to feel better because you know what you felt like yesterday, or last week. It's easy to measure what we lost, you can't measure what you haven't even yet gained and so we become accustomed to how we feel, not realizing that we could potentially feel even better!

More energy, more focus, more vigor... living in the most optimal health and wellness. If you haven't yet been there, or if it has been years since you have been, you may have gotten comfortable with your current state of health.


So I want you to think about something today: WHERE DO YOU WANT YOUR HEALTH TO BE



  • 30,40 YEARS FROM NOW?

This is where it begins- know where you want to be, then you can take the steps on getting there. By choosing the right supplements today, exercising today, eating right today.... you are setting yourself up for health and wellness you can't yet measure.

Health, Vitality, Wellness are rightfully yours, and within your reach.

Pictured is my personal optimal morning regime- Master Formula, Ningxia, Multigreens and a few Vitality oils to add to my water throughout the day. Life 9 is taken in the evening.

  • ENZYMES These are KEY to everything with life. Every living thing needs enzymes to function properly. Enzymes ARE life. Have you ever cut an apple and see it turn brown? Enzymes did that! Baby cereal that turns to liquid after mixing with breast milk? Enzymes did that! Enzymes break down nutrients for proper assimilation. And our marvelous body, naturally produces them! It all starts with saliva! But, we don't produce enough with our American Diet habits and food quality. Not sure where to start? Start with Essentialzyme 4.

  • ANTI OXIDANTS They fight the good fight in your body and scavenge out free radicals. NingXia Red is my best friend. Try adding orange vitality to kick it up a notch and create an antioxidant army upsurge!

  • PRO BIOTICS We all need good bacteria. Life 9 is uniquely formulated to most resemble juvenile intestinal flora and our formula adheres to the intestinal wall and proliferates. And that's what makes our probiotic completely undifferentiated from any other in the industry.

  • MULTI VITAMIN Because it's obvious and standard. A multi vitamin delivers a broad spectrum dose of all the right single elements your body needs to preform optimally.

  • ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS Bone health, joints, heart, brain, mental, cells...... the benefits of essential fatty acids have long been celebrated. I encourage you to study up on the myriad of benefits! I love Omega Gize, and it also has CO Q 10 and vitamin D3.

  • WATER At least half your Body weight in ounces has long been a great standard to follow. Optimal, your full body weight. And, if you enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, make sure you double that size to replace with water. So, if you had a 4 oz cup of coffee make sure you replace it with 8 oz of additional water. I love adding lavender, and orange vitality to my water, what's in yours?

From that base, change it up with what YOU need for you. I also take

  • Nitro

  • Sulfurzyme

  • Agilease

  • Super C

For more on how to get started with your optimal supplement routine, contact us here.

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