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Keeping it smooth and sweet while everyone is present under the same roof.

In recent months there has been a huge shift in reality of where we do life, work and play. Much of those activities are all under one roof. The same roof you sleep, eat, and love one another. The love one another can become a challenge when personalities who are used to living apart for 8 hours a day are now within the same four walls, 24/7. Children may be back in school but many couples and partners are still enjoying the pleasure of each other's company, while they attempt to work.

As always, essential oils are the answer.


Before we dive into the list of essential oils best suited for created an environment of high frequency of high vibes, we must remind ourselves of some basics.

  1. What are essential oils? Essential oils are the ‘essence’ or fragrant parts extracted from plants obtained by water or steam distillation or cold pressing. The oils inside a plant are extracted in high concentrations, 100 times more potent than the plant itself.

  2. Why are essential oils good? Aromatherapy has been used for centuries as an alternative medicine, it’s safe, and inexpensive. They contain only pure ingredients derived from mineral and botanical sources and do not contain any artificial or synthetic chemicals, preservatives, fragrances or colors that may produce harmful side effects.

  3. What's the big deal about essential oils? Everyday we ingest different chemicals into our bodies that are either inhaled and enter our bloodstream, or absorbed through the skin. Unknowingly a women can ingest 300 different toxic chemicals before she leaves the bathroom in the morning. Essential oils provide the opportunity to rid the body of such chemicals by gently flushing out the toxics through diffusing into the air or ingesting ones which are safe for consumption. In addition, for every essential oil you use, there is the potential that it removes one toxin from your lifestyle.


Essential oils smell incredible and they have the power to assist in many body conditions, both for mental and physical support. They are one of the highest vibrating sources you can absorb into your body, which will as a result increase your own vibration and help you feel your best. See our article on Frequency of Essentials for a refresher.


Without further ado;


  • Beginning with Sacred Frankincense, this is one every home needs for a variety of reasons. Like Frankincense, Sacred Frankincense has been used for numerous reasons including low mood, to aiding those struggling with physical and mental illness. Sacred Frankincense is grounding and the aroma is powerful for focus and clarity. Itv has been used to awaken our spiritual awareness for 5000 years or more. When one is connected spiritually it becomes much easier to contend with those you clash with. It will help us release parts of our ego which hold us back from releasing a loving feeling onto others and the world around us.

  • Once you have indulged in an aroma like Sacred Frankincense and/or your environment requires something a little more soothing, we reach for Peace and Calming. This is one of the most mind, body and spirit calming essential oil blends around. Young and old melt when this scent is wafting through the hallways.

  • For those in a state of, well, chronic pissiness- we give you Joy. One cannot help but open their hearts to happiness and joy. Joy inspires us to live through our passions and joy. The smell is alluring and uplifting. Should there be any negative frequency pushing its way in your space, Joy will certain press back and wash it away.

  • Finally, the heavy hitter of high frequency essential oils, Sacred Mountain. This essential oil blend was created to bring Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, back to a more grounded feel. The feeling of being in the mountains, surrounded by endless conifer trees with their protection from all that is potentially harmful, this is the feeling that causes many to be the most creative and at peace. I suspect you too, can resonate with this experience. The conifer oils used in this blend have been used by the North American Indians for hundreds of years to harness the energy of the planet and bring protection. In order to recharge energetically it is likely that we require the assistance of essential oils. Diffusing Sacred Mountain throughout your work space or home will increase the frequency, even for those most resistant to the use of essential oils.

No matter what your choice is for increasing the vibration within your space, the point is to do so. In the past twelve months there has been a huge shift in every area of life. While some change is fantastic, other change can be difficult. Using your essential oils to thrive through this year and years to come will be the most beneficial practice you incorporate.

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