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3 Young Living Products You May Not Know About

I research and write a lot of things. When I do, a part of my personality springs to life more than any other part- that is- the need to share all the things with all the people.

The thing is, I lived for so long with chronic yuck and didn't know I had chronic yuck until I didn't have the chronic yuck. So now when I find something that I potentially would have like to know, I share it with everyone who will listen.

Case in point- these 3 in 15 videos I have been doing. In case you missed it

This one was all about 3 rather fascinating products that Young Living offers-

Comfortone, Allerzyme and Tarragon essential oil.



This powerful supplement supports the digestion and in particualr the stomach, the liver and the gall bladder! Consider the emotions that are attracted to those areas friends, especially to the gall bladder since that is treated as an accessory organ.

It helps the elimination process, no further details needed I assume.

This is a natural laxative, by the way, so think acute issues or perhaps a little longer term if there is a need to get things moving that once were not.

You will want to drink plenty of water while taking this- at least half your body weight in ounces of water, more is definitely better here as it is supporting the lymphatic system as well so flushing is key.

Oils in this supplement:

Ocotea, Rosemary, Peppermint, Ginger, Tarragon, Tangerine, German Chamomile and Anise



Many people may think this is for seasonal allergies, which is sort of is, but not in the way they think. If you consider the fact that allergies are a form of auto-immune issues, which all begin in the gut, then yes, this will absolutely benefit those with seasonal itches.

As the name implies, it is an enzyme, Young Living's strongest of enzymes and it will help with bloating, gas, and those of you who enjoy ay too many sweets and processed sugars. Allerzyme will help the body break down those sugars and process that all out. Do consider cuttign back on the sweets at some point though.

One pretty cool ingredient in here is plantain leaf and if you are not familiar with plantain leaf this is a natural anti-inflammatory! A gut supplement that helps with inflammation!!

The essential oils in here are:

Fennel, Tarragon, Peppermint, Ginger, Lemongrass, Juniper, Patchouli, and Anise

Tarragon essential oil

As you may have guessed from what is written above, Tarragon beautifully supports a healthy gut. Yet, what few do not know, and this is where I get all kinds of happy, is that Tarragon is a powerhouse when it comes ot emotional health. Please connect the dots with me on this one-

Have you ever said "that makes me sick to my stomach", yet you were talking about something grievous that was occurring? Did you know that fear, anger, sadness and nervousness are all negative emotions that can become trapped in our stomachs if we do not deal with it.

Ok, now think about your children or children you know. Do any of them have a "nervous" stomach? Maybe you have offered them DiGize and Peppermint and while those do certainly help, if you were to use Tarragon, or even DiGize with the intention of releasing negative emotions, their emotional health would sore!

In addition, consider the fact that most people develop gut issues later in their childhood, maybe early adulthood. I have people watched long enough to know 100% of the time one emotional event too many triggered a cascade of physical health problems.

Or at least gut health concerns.

Tarragon provides the needed positive frequency for addressing change, especially when change is forced on you. How many of you have gone through change that wasn't your idea?? This will help you accept the situation and protect you from completely shutting down to the point of despair. By inhaling Tarragon or an essential oil that contains it, you are able to pull down all of that chaotic energy to the point of feeling grounded and secure.

And that, my friends, is something worth being excited about! What was something I shared here that was new to you?

If this is a bundle of Gut Health that you'd like to have for yourself, find it here.

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