3 Things You Can Do Right Now For Adrenal Fatigue

For our final article on adrenal fatigue here are three basic yet powerful things you can do right now to begin healing adrenal fatigue.

One of the number one causes of disease in the body is toxic overload. Whether you are healing from adrenal fatigue or are simply looking for ways to improve your overall health, the number one change to make is that amount of chemical pollutants you are exposed to on a daily basis. Perhaps you are not even aware of the the where and how toxins are getting in your life, and if you remain unaware this leaves you powerless to do anything about it.

There are those who argue the ‘safe’ limits policy and mindset of toxic exposure that is forced on us by the FDA. Which, sure, if we were only exposed to one toxin this would be totally acceptable.

Unfortunately that is not the case. The most modest estimates have suggested that the average person in the U.S. is exposed to more than 700,000 different toxic chemicals on a daily basis, and this doesn’t include the ridiculous poisons GMO companies are pumping into the food supply. According to Global Healing Center, it isn’t abnormal to be exposed to 2,100,000 toxins each and every day. Go figure.

Even research from the University of California shows how the average person is being exposed to alarming levels of toxins like arsenic, dioxins, and DDE. These cancerous toxins aren’t only made infiltrating our body, organs, blood, and cells when we eat and drink them, but also when we breathe them. Scientists are only just now realizing the chemicals found in a wide array of household goods are more toxic than their previous thoughts. Chronic illnesses like adrenal fatigue have become increasingly common, and many now doctors believe pollution is a major factor.

The Good News

There is good news in the face of all of this. We are the ones who control what goes into our homes and of course, what we put on our bodies. This is simple and easy to do and in case you are wondering- yes, it is absolutely reasonable to throw out those half used bottles from Target. Only, please dispose of them reasonably as they are in fact toxic and no need to flood our water supply. When we switched our products out after my son had cancer, we chose to use the Thieves line from Young Living. While one can do this on their own, DIY cleaners, homemade laundry soap (yep did that too) and homemade handsoaps, personally I didn’t want to put forth that much effort and energy into making all my goods when I had been use to buying everything all these years. In addition, it’s difficult to create an antibacterial, antiviral product on my own. Thieves was an easy button solution for me to be sure. Young Living Thieves has everything you will need in order to swap out any toxic products that you are currently using. Not to mention, in the short and long run, Thieves Household Cleaning is far less expensive than conventional cleaners.


While we all are striving to keep our homes as sources of health and healing, stepping outside into literally any place these days can assail us all with an unhealthy amount of toxins.

This is when dealing with a toxic overload takes a little more effort. Even if we do our level best to avoid exposure, the fact is that pollutants are blown into the air, over our food and sprayed around the lawns of our neighborhoods. In order to deal with the unwanted overload, here are a few things we can do on a regular basis to clear everything out of our bodies. These detox methods can be done in small amounts of it every day or go all-out for three. Keep in touch with your body; you know it best.

Detox Bath

A detox bath is something you can create at home with ingredients you probably already have. Unlike commercial bubble baths, essential oils, sea salts and Epsom salts, have incredible benefits to help rid the body of toxins, alleviate pain, improve tissue health, and help you relax.

Use this bath a few days a week to help remove toxins from your skin and to encourage general overall wellness.

Bath Recipe (mix the following together) :

2 cups of Epsom Salts

2 cups of Sea Salts (any kind will work, but those especially suited for healing properties are best)

2 cups of aluminum free Baking Soda

(Store these ingredients in a clean jar with a tight fitting lid and add 1 C. of mixture into running bath water)

Add in 10 drops of essential oils to the mixture before putting in the bath to give the maximum desired effect.

Lavender, Roman Chamomile, or Peace and Calming if you want something relaxing and soothing.

Orange or Citrus Fresh is ideal if you want an energizing bath.

Ginger essential oil to increase circulation and warmth.

Eucalyptus and Peppermint to increase sinus health.

The sea and Epsom salts in the bath will decrease inflammation and draw toxins from the skin. They can also work to heal wounds and blemishes. Baking soda will refresh the skin and balance the ph levels in your tissues.

Drink Lemon Water

Squeeze the juice of 1 fresh lemon and drink on empty stomach (without diluting), every morning. This is a fabulous way to support the liver and gallbladder. It will also breakdown gallstones and prevent your bile from becoming thick and sludgy. If pure lemon juice is rough, (it is for me) begin the day with a glass of pure water and several drops of Lemon essential oil in it. It’s cleansing, though not quite as potent, but will still have fantastic results. I find this is much more palatable on the daily.

Remember, you are your own health advocate. You do not have to go by what the conventional thought is of the day. Your body is also your responsibility, not the doctor's. In the case of adrenal fatigue, there is so much you can begin to do right now, so go do it!

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