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3 Key Elderberry Syrup Benefits

Fall is often synonymous with increasing our overall health, and in recent years, it seems the immune system is most oft discussed, Ways to support our immune systems are top of mind for nearly every person I speak to. There are dozens of ways and schools of thought surrounding the best way to do that and one of my favorite tried and true modalities is taking Elderberry syrup throughout the months of September-April.


Elderberry has always gotten a lot of attention due to its natural medicine use as an herb that helps support immune function. The elderberry is an herb that has been known about and used for millennia, and it has been studied in our modern times quite a bit.

If you haven't heard of elderberries just yet, you should know upfront — no single supplement or syrup can specifically strengthen your body's immune system on its own overnight. Elderberry syrup isn't a magic elixir that can prevent you from getting sick and as with all original medicines, there must be a holistic lifestyle in place in order for the natural methods to work properly. Combining elderberry syrup with a healthy lifestyle, eating routine and exercise, as well as good sleep habits can offer exceptional immunity benefits.

While we all think of our immune systems when the idea of elderberry syrup comes up, it's not the only function that will benefit.


Health benefits associated with elderberry syrup.

Elderberries are rich in nutrients that support the immune system. They’re high in vitamin C, which plays a key role in many systems of the body, including a balanced immune function, a healthy cardiovascular system and clear skin- something many children between the ages of 12-18 could benefit from. Plus, elderberries are loaded with vitamin A, which is shown to regulate immune response, and flavonoids, a chemical found in plants, which give them their dark purple color. These antioxidants not only offer immune support but also powerful anti-inflammatory benefits.

Secondly, elderberries aid digestion due to their high fiber count. Research over the years have shown a connection between the gut and the immune system. When our guts are strong the immune system follows suit.

A third benefit in taking Elderberry syrup is that it may lower cholesterol. According to this study, black elderberry extract improved markers of HDL function and reduced aortic cholesterol in hyperlipidemic mice.


Making your own Elderberry syrup

While purchasing your elderberry syrup at a local market is simple enough, making sure the ingredients are pristine and to your liking can become a bit of a challenge. The above recipe has been a staple in our home this season and I have found an astonishing amount of extra benefits adding in the Ningxia Wolfberries.

Also, purchasing local raw honey will aid in keeping seasonal allergies at bay. Studies show that taking a tablespoon of local harvested honey supports the body's immune system to fight off allergies in your local area.

As we continue into this season of Fall, be sure you are tapping into all the locally grown resources available to you so that you and your family have the most optimal wellness.

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