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#1 THING to do to protect your home


or is it?

The number one people need to do in order to protect their home does not lie in a gun store, or in the home security section of the local Best Buy. No, it's a whole other ball game.

Those things are great in their own rite, yet, something much more sinister lurks in the home and worse, it's welcomed in with open arms, all in the name of "it's what I've always used. You probably have already guessed, but for those just tuning in it's simply this:


Yes, it truly is that simple. Be your own advocate, be ruthless about the chemicals that cross your threshold. Be diligent with label reading and product checking.

You must be the one, because my friend, the powers that be do not have your best interest at heart.


When warnings come from mainstream media, what we need to realize is they are just catching up to what we already know. Before the current virus situation, as in, just before, an article circulated about the hazards of certain products and chemicals and the threat they posed to our wellness. These types of articles come as a reaction to harmful effects, effects we’ve been preventing for quite sometime. Children breathe more air per pound of body weight than an adult does. In other words, their exposure risk to harmful chemicals is far greater than an adult. Given the fact that now schools are sanitized daily, with heavy toxic filled chemicals, the risk children are experiencing is at an all time high. It is up to parents and care givers to be the advocate and say absolutely not! These damaging chemicals will absolutely NOT touch these children.

Simply say no to buying the standard "lysol or disinfectant" wipes. Choose one instead for your home that is a suitable alternative, a plant base cleaner, prefigured in a convenient bottle. Set the tone in your home. Set the standard.


The world is screaming at us to disinfect and kill the germs. The challenge comes with killing is that those products do not discriminate. They kill everything, including much needed bacteria from our own bodies. Best practice is choosing something that consumes harmful germs and leaves the life giving bacteria. There’s zero need to conform to the pattern of this world, those set by someone who is not reading or understanding the underlying dangers and long term effects. When a child is inundated with harsh toxins, their minds cannot function properly. Their immune system is depleted and their breathing, near impossible. I dare say the last thing we need in our world now are children running around, faces covered with depleted immune systems. If you have yet to switch to a natural, plant base cleaner, now is an excellent time to begin being your own advocate, stand up for better health and choices within your four walls. When they spray your hands as you exit the airport, simply say "no thank you, I have my own", or when you're at the market choosing a basket, rather than slather the handle with an everything killing cleaner, choose better. Make your own cleaner spray or choose a ready made Thieves spray, so simple.



For wipes:

In a 2 cup measuring cup, add:

1/2 cup water

1/2 cup Castille Soap

40 drops total Lemon essential oil and Thieves essential oil.

***For baby wipes, replace with Gentle Baby and Lavender***

Gently stir and pour over paper towels that have been cut in half, (roll removed) until fully saturated. Once absorbed, place in a 32 oz mason jar. Slice a hole in the lid for easier access to wipes.

For a DIY foaming hand soap, see this previous article.

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