1 Kit You Need For a Golden Summer

Summer is a time to refresh and renew your mind, body and soul. While basking in the golden sun rays of Summer, let's learn how to become intentional with supporting the body from the inside out. You'll be far ahead of the game come the Fall season!

From physical wellbeing to emotional health, the Golden Touch kit will assist in winterizing your body, in the Summer. It's never too early to begin supporting the immune, endocrine and digestive systems to keep you healthy and well, all year long.


RC Essential Oil specifically supports and soothes especially when placed on the bottom of feet or over chest. In the seasons when you require a more intense chest support, make a hot compress to provide more comfort. Use RC after exercise in a massage or diffuse before bedtime to support normal, clear breathing and foster restful sleep.

Raven Essential oil blend will give the lungs a one two punch. Even in Summer the lungs require a little extra support, particularly if one struggles with allergies or any breathing. Breathing this in will help open up your lung and make breathing smooth and easy. Since it provides a cooling and soothing sensation when applied to the chest and throat adding it to a 1:1 ratio of shea butter and coconut oil make a perfect salve to rest well at night.

Melrose Essential Oil blend contains Melaleuca alternifolia, Melaleuca quinquenervia, (two tea tree species) rosemary, and clove. This in particular is incredible for all things skin. As they come together in Melrose to work towards giving you the appearance of healthy looking skin. If you struggle with dry skin include this blend in your DIY moisturizing recipe or simply add it to your moisturizer.

Thieves Essential Oil Blend Another staple of the Premium Starter Kit, and probably Young Living’s most popular and well-known blend, the support Thieves Vitality gives to your immune system and overall wellness is remarkable.

A few different ways you can take Thieves Vitality - vegetable capsules, in your NingXia Red or tea. The history of Thieves stems from the practice in the 13th century, during a time of severe sickness in the lands. Apothecaries and spice traders used the spices to remain healthy- and steal from the dying. I don't recommend the latter, but I do highly recommend applying this to your daily wellness regime.

Juvaflex Essential Oil blend contains oils that traditionally support healthy liver function and supports a healthy digestive system. JuvaFlex essential oil clears the emotions of blame, unappreciated, deprived and anger. It will help you foster the positive emotions of supported, appreciated, contentment and forgiveness.

EndoFlex Vitality Essential Oil helps support overall wellness and can help support healthy hormonal balance. EndoFlex Vitality gives amazing endocrine system support, particularly the adrenal glands. Apply over the thyroid and adrenals in the morning.

DiGize Vitality Essential Oil, a favorite in the Premium Starter Kit, is good for supporting healthy digestion and easing digestive discomfort. During the Summer season we tend to eat and partake of eats that may not always be our best. Using it in conjunction with Thieves Vitality as a daily wellness regime will perk your immune system right up!

Make your Summer Golden with the Golden Touch Collection here.

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