Gary's GReat day protocol

it truly is the best way to start each day

One of Gary's most beloved and most talked about protocols. This is how each of ought to begin our mornings, with the intention of a great day. Place this collection on the bathroom vanity, and make it a part of your morning routine. Just as one would never forget to wash their face, or brush their teeth, never would we want to miss this most essential step either. You might also have this collection by the door, so that before leaving, you can quickly apply. 

Make it a great day!


apply a drop just above the navel


apply a drop over your heart


apply a drop to the wrists and rub together


apply to shoulders and sweep down your arms

item 3351

  • helps to balance the body and restore emotional polarity when applied to the solar plexus (above the navel)

  • helps to restore a spiritual connection within us to help overcome negative emotions

  • helps to balance the chakras

  • balances the emotions to help us feel safe, and secure

  • helps to ease daily stress and worry

item 3372

  • surrounds you with feelings of being loved

  • restores beautiful memories of being safe, secure, and loved

  • helps to relieve and dissolve grief so that the adrenal glands can function at their ideal performance

item 3430 or,
item 3529

  • helps one to build confidence and courage

  • helps to overcome opposition and rejection

  • applied to the spine, helps one to feel in alignment to stand tall and confident

  • *refer to valor video post in team page for blood cell analysis with application of valor*

item 3428

  • helps protect one against negative energy while securing and protecting your positive emotional state

  • helps to ease cranial discomfort from high altitudes

  • helps to relieve feelings of anger and overwhelm brought on by others

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