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Day Two of Belief

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January 2, 2021

Let's apply Believe, two drops, in the palm of our hands, activating your oil, breathing in deep.... now exhale... let's do this a few more times until you're feeling that sense of belief rise in your spirit.
The exercise from day one was simply discover your current set of beliefs, or paradigms. How did you do? Were you surprised at all to discover that these are indeed your own thoughts? Or did you have a response that stunned you- this is only from my family of origin? Perhaps your culture has created a paradigm of beliefs that actually, when you sit with it, you see how it no longer serves you.
For today we will address the beliefs that are not as agreeable with you any more.
Have another look-
In a perfect world, what is it you desire to be true?
Write that down...
Now, say those out loud. There is incredible power in you hearing your own voice speak out truth.
Let's say you see that your view on money isn't actually lining up with your purpose. What is the truth, underneath it all? Say that! Affirm it in your soul.
Wait, what's that? That pesky resistance calling you out telling you it's not possible, it's not "ok" to think this way?
Oh my dear, remember, you have this Divine gift to think anything you want. In fact, thinking differently, for even a few moments is truly what sets captives free!
If the blocker is strong and telling you "that is a big box of nope", then pause....breathe... reach for Stress Away, Frankincense, and Lavender. One drop each, softly inhaled, ruminating on why this is not possible or even allowable to think this way...
Keep going. Keep thinking on it, breathing through the resistance until you feel the thought shift.
This is a process, 21 days, resist the urge to rush through. Take some time today to journal through your thoughts. Understand that your mind is perhaps for the first time shaking off some cobwebs of thought that previously were not acknowledged. It's amazing how 10 months of a world wide shift can open the door for new ideas, and the strength to go against the grain.
Be well, dear friends, we'll chat more tomorrow.

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