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Day Twenty of Belief

January 20, 2021

buckle up, dear ones, this one is good...

By now I'm fairly certain you know my secret motive- to encourage, exhort, create a space for you to actually believe that you are WORTHY.
With that said, imagine me holding your beautiful face in my semi smooth hands and saying, "you are so worthy. You my friend are smart and articulate and so fun to be around." I would also add, "creative, discerning, excel in business and a complete gift to humanity".
Now, there are three types of people who read this one-
The ones who scoffed and said, "that is so arrogant to even think about myself! I would never say those things!"

The ones who winced and said, "oh no, that's not me. You don't know me really. I have this ____, and then there's this ____".

The ones who nodded their heads emphatically in agreement and shouted, "JenWeir DOES really know me!!"

For my number three friends, big hugs and yes, I not only know you, but I know the One who created you. How can you not be all of those things and more??
For my number one friends, you have been told a lie. You have been told that no human deserves to think those things about themselves. I am so sorry someone not only told you this, but that you believed them. You have a God who not only thinks those things, but He is over the moon about you. And when you believe the opposite, you are calling God a liar.
For my number two friends, I don't know what happened in your life to cause such hurt and shame, but it doesn't define you. And I'm going to say this as gently as any emotion coach can- you have a spirit of rejection attached to you. And it's time to tell it, adios!

I could write a whole book, (and probably ought to) about the things we believe about ourselves and the lies spoken from the front of churches over women especially. But this isn't the space to speak on that.
For now, consider my words. Consider what you actually believe and who told you that? Who told you that you are not worthy? Who made you feel that way? Those people, my friend, they are not FOR YOU. Go back to the toxin removal day. Grab your Release and Trauma life and breathe those drops in as you gently remove the people from your Porch and onto the sidewalk.

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